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All-New WineDirect

Seamlessly blend innovation with industry-specific features using the All-New WineDirect, tailor-made for the unique needs of wineries. Elevate your brand, engage consumers more effectively, and drive unprecedented sales.

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Meet the Purpose-Built Platform for Wineries

Man holding a glass of wine

sell more wine

Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Attract more customers, increase conversion rates and drive higher average order value.

Group of friends having a glass of wine

Drive Repeat Purchases​

Decrease Club Attrition

Drive repeat purchases - Increase loyalty, maximize club member retention, and get a full 360° view of the customer.

Streamline operations

Save Office Admin Hours

Boost efficiency with automation, use dashboards to easily access data, and free up time to focus on selling and hospitality.

Optimized Checkout

Attract more customers, increase conversion rates and drive higher avg. orders

Drag & Drop

No-code storefront builder

Apple pay and Gpay

Modern Payment Methods

Including Apple & Google Pay

Cellar winery on mobile phone

Mobile Optimization

100% Effortlessly viewed on phones

Personalized Coupons

Custom discounts & personalization

Everything You Need to Sell Wine

Experience the evolution in DTC wine sales with the All-New WineDirect. Discover the exciting features of our comprehensive and robust solution.

Discover the latest product enhancements now live on the All-New WineDirect.

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All-New WineDirect Upgrade Roadmap

Discover how we prioritize your convenience and success for upgrading to the All-New WineDirect.

1. Moving content

At WineDirect, we understand the intricacies of data integrity and transition. Trust our expert team for a seamless migration, ensuring accuracy and safety throughout.

2. Training

After preparing your store, our WineDirect Team will contact you for comprehensive training. Explore new features, master the platform, and confidently set your wine store up for success!

3. Launch

After training, we'll support you as you launch your enhanced online store. With the All-New WineDirect platform, you're unveiling more than a store - you're showcasing your brand's excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the All-New WineDirect?

The All-New WineDirect brings together the best commerce solutions for any size winery with a reimagined all-in-one platform. ​WineDirect is the only all-in-one platform purpose-built for wineries that provides the tools that measurably sell more wine and drive repeat purchases across all DTC channels, all while streamlining winery operations.​

When can my winery upgrade to the All-New WineDirect?
We are currently in a Closed Beta testing period as we continue to complete key features and integrations. We anticipate moving to Open Beta this summer. At that time, we'll be looking for further customer use and feedback as we move towards General Availability.

If this revised timeline affects your plans, such as website updates, please reach out and we can provide suggestions on ways to proceed that will ensure a smooth upgrade to the new platform. 

We're now even closer to the launch of All-New WineDirect, and we greatly appreciate your continued support and patience as we fine-tune every detail of the migration and onboarding experience.

Once started, how long will the upgrade take?
This will vary by winery and your unique set up. We are committed to doing the heavy lifting for you including your order, product, customer data migration. If your winery has uncommon integrations or other complexities we see less often, the process may take a little longer than others.

Can I still use my Classic WineDirect tools while the upgrade happens?
Yes. Your Classic WineDirect tools will remain functional while you set up your new space in All-New WineDirect. Once you're ready to launch, we'll upload any new data into the new platform to make the transition seamless.

Are there any hidden costs to upgrade?
No! In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to migrating your data for free as well as our onboarding team to walk you through the launch steps. Your data will be pre-populated for you (think: customers, orders, products). We will have several free website template options, with limitless Wordpress options. You'll have an all-in-one platform with everything you need to run your DTC business out of the gate - no partners or extra integrations needed.

Will any training be available?
Yes! We will equip you with step-by-step documentation and interactive learning experiences to make the upgrade process smooth and enjoyable!

All-New WineDirect Group Demos

The All-New WineDirect continues to see massive developments, with monthly feature updates. Watch our latest group demo in which we explored many new features developed over the past year. 

Watch Here
Watch past group demo recordings here.

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