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WordPress integration: Comparing WineDirect Classic & All-New WineDirect 

By  Brandon Harvie
April 21, 2023

The All-New WineDirect brings with it a massive 1200+ catalog of applications and integrations from the BigCommerce App Store. One of the most popular and asked-about integrations is with WordPress. In this blog, we will cover what WordPress is, how it currently connects to Classic WineDirect, and share details on the robust connection with All-New WineDirect.

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is one of the most popular and accessible ways to create your own website online. WordPress powers over 43.4% of all websites on the internet. 

WordPress and Classic WineDirect

On the Classic WineDirect system, WordPress offers a versatile solution for wineries who want to showcase their brand with a unique WordPress site backed by the power of WineDirect’s ecommerce capabilities for wineries. 

How does it work?

WineDirect’s Remote Widgets leverage JavaScript to pull live data from a WineDirect-hosted website onto a non-WineDirect site. This allows for seamless integration of ecommerce features without needing server-side scripting or hosting the entire website on WineDirect.  

The process starts with embedding the appropriate widget scripts onto the non-WineDirect website. These scripts call specific functions from the WineDirect platform, enabling the display and functionality of the desired widgets, such as Modal Cart, Login Status, Add to Cart Form, and Remote Form.  

As mentioned, the widgets communicate with the WineDirect server through JavaScript, allowing real-time updates and interactions, like adding items to the cart, checking login status, or submitting forms. As a result, customers experience a smooth shopping process between the two websites. 


Despite the incredible versatility of the remote widgets being placed just about anywhere, they are not a perfect solution. The main drawback is that these widgets are highly specialized in their purpose and have limited functionality. Because of this specialized and limited communication, you needed to manage your site, account, and inventory separately. The cart is external and forces the user to leave the site, which can have UX implications, including slowing down the shopping experience at one of the most pivotal moments. Also, due to the cart living off the site, you rely on external servers that could go down while your site is up, confusing and potentially losing customers.

The widgets are compatible with other CMS, not just WordPress, but are incompatible with WIX. 

WordPress and All-New WineDirect

The All-New WineDirect is an all-in-one solution offering even more advanced features for wineries selling their products online. While the Classic integration had limitations on the information that can be shared, the All-New WineDirect WordPress integrations leverages the BigCommerce Plugin, leaving those limitations behind, and allows for products, order, and customer data to be synced at the frequency you desire. By connecting to your WordPress website, wineries can now take advantage of the advanced capabilities of both platforms to create a truly unique and powerful online presence.   

The key benefit of using WordPress with the All-New WineDirect is the ability to create a completely custom website design. With WordPress, wineries can create a website tailored to their brand, with custom layouts, fonts, colors, and more. This can help wineries stand out in a crowded market and create a unique online identity that reflects their brand values. 

In addition to design, WordPress also offers a wide range of plugins and extensions that can enhance the functionality of a website. This includes plugins for social media integration, SEO optimization, lead generation, and more. By combining these tools with the advanced ecommerce capabilities of WineDirect, wineries can create a truly comprehensive online presence that is optimized for both sales and marketing. 

Complimentary All-New WineDirect themes

If your winery chooses to use WordPress for your website instead of Page Builder, our powerful, built-in website builder, WineDirect provides a selection of complimentary themes with seamless integration with WordPress, making it easy for you to create a stunning online store for your wine business.  

The WineDirect themes are built upon the foundations of WPBakery, a powerful page builder for WordPress, and are enhanced by additional customization features provided by Salient, which enable various animations, menu customizations, font integrations and more. These tools combined make it easy for you to design a professional and visually appealing website for your wine store.  

Upon selecting one of the three available WineDirect themes, you will be presented with a child theme that can quickly be installed on your WordPress environment. This theme contains over 40+ customizable blocks that can be used to personalize your WineDirect storefront on WordPress, ensuring that your website stands out from the competition.  

Customizing your storefront

Inside the WPBakery Page Builder, you'll find a range of options from large cover photo heroes and call-to-action buttons to product showcases and other visually appealing sections. These blocks can be endlessly customized to suit your brand's unique identity and aesthetic.  

Overall, the combination of WordPress and the All-New WineDirect is a powerful solution for wineries that want to take their online presence to the next level. Whether it's through advanced design customization, enhanced functionality, or responsive website design, WordPress and WineDirect offer everything wineries need to succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce. Looking to get started on the All-New WineDirect, get in touch with our team here. 

Notes for current clients

If you are waiting for your upgrade window to the All-New WineDirect, you can continue using and changing your WordPress as is with Classic WineDirect. Once you upgrade to the new platform, you can easily leverage the BigCommerce plugin to connect your existing WordPress website to your All-New WineDirect admin panel. The setup will require only three easy steps (please note that this documentation applies only to wineries currently transacting on All-New WineDirect). 

  1. Install the BigCommerce Plugin to WordPress
  1. Set up your WordPress site to use the BigCommerce API account credentials 
  1. You can now use the specialized widgets from BigCommerce to build out your WordPress site

Additional Resources 

For those looking for more resources and additional information, we encourage you to start here: 

BigCommerce Blog: Getting Started with BigCommerce for WordPress 
BigCommerce Article: Using BigCommerce for WordPress 

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