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Top 3 key takeaways from the All-New WineDirect Town Hall

By  Brandon Harvie
February 22, 2023

The All-New WineDirect platform is here, and we recently hosted our first town hall to share the platform with WineDirect clients. We had so much great feedback and questions throughout the session. We have updated our FAQs to include the top questions here. Here are the top 3 key takeaways from the All-New WineDirect Town Hall.  

1. A complete all-in-one platform

Running a successful DTC program for your winery should be seamless and be able to support growth. The WineDirect platform has everything out of the box that a winery needs to sell wine, including an online store, point of sale, wine clubs/subscriptions, compliance, reports, payments, and more. Here are some of the key benefits of All-New WineDirect: 

Online Store

  • Beautiful storefronts
  • No-code, drag-and-drop page builder
  • Personalized consumer experience – email and text marketing capabilities
  • Dynamic segmentation and personalization of content on your website
  • Fast and secure checkout experience

Tasting Room

  • Fast checkout that’s secure and focuses on the consumer experience
  • Offline mode so you can take payment anywhere and never miss a sale
  • Intuitive POS system built for wineries focused on fast checkouts
  • Easy for seasonal staff to master quickly
  • Multiple payment options so consumers can pay however they like
  • Focus on wine, everything you need to know about your customer at your fingertips
  • CRM at your fingertips, rich customer detail, including relationships, memberships, and upselling

Wine Clubs

  • Most flexible club software, allowing you to structure your clubs your way
  • Efficient background processing, simplifying and automating
  • Easily identify at-risk members and reduce attrition proactively
  • Powerful conversion and retention so you can keep members longer
  • Improved experience for winery staff and end consumers
  • Clubs are the lifeblood of your winery – we built clubs with your needs in mind
  • Easy backend setup and delightful consumer experiences

2. Migration is already happening

Wineries are already working with our migration team to get their store up and running in the All-New WineDirect. There are no additional costs to our clients to migrate. We have a complete understanding of your data and settings and have built tools and processes to ensure a seamless migration. Of course, you can count on our Onboarding, Support, and Training teams to support you every step of the way. You can start with migration by completing the form here, and our migration team will contact you shortly. 

3. Powered by BigCommerce

The All-New WineDirect is a standalone ecommerce application built to manage winery DTC sales at every level. WineDirect integrates and leverages the power of BigCommerce within the All-New WineDirect platform.  As we know, the wine industry is unique, so we have built on top of BigCommerce’s ecommerce platform to cater to the needs of the wine industry. We have purpose built the platform for wineries, such as products, customers, and orders, to provide capabilities around taxes, compliance, reporting, wine attributes, inventory, fulfillment, and other wine-specific needs. WineDirect leverages BigCommerce's technology to offer consumer-facing websites, content management, coupons, and discounts, which includes their incredible ecosystem of 1200+ third-party integrations to customize offerings based on wineries' specific needs. 

The All-New WineDirect continues to see constant updates that we will share. Ready to start your migration and upgrade to the All-New WineDirect? Complete the form here, and our migration team will contact you with more information. We are also hosting monthly group demos where you can get a closer look at the new platform and ask questions directly to the WineDirect team.

Download the complete guide to ecommerce for your winery

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