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Tasting Room & Hospitality

Infographic: 6 Features to Improve Your Tasting Room Experience

By  Kari Roach
June 18, 2021

After last year's closures, winery tasting rooms have finally begun to re-open! According to Spring 2021 data, POS transaction count and value has sky-rocketed as travelers flock to wine country for a much needed getaway. This suggests an important opportunity for your winery to capitalize on this revitalized channel, right now. And done correctly, tasting rooms acquire repeat customers – whether through the wine club or online purchases - so you can expect these features to pay off time and time again.

Try the tactics outlined below to drive tasting room traffic, increase sales, and create a tasting room experience that builds customer loyalty! You can also download the infographic here.

WineDirect Winery Tasting Room Experience Infographic
10 Ways to Improve Your Tasting Room

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