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Fulfillment Upgrades For A Successful Holiday Season

By  Jessica Foye
September 8, 2022

With peak shipping season just around the corner, we’re here to ensure your remaining club shipments and holiday gifts are fulfilled and delivered flawlessly through 2022. This year, we have made significant technology investments to provide an exceptional experience for our clients and their customers. Let's walk through some of the powerhouse features.

Modernized Fulfillment Portal

Less than a year ago, we released a brand new Fulfillment Portal built on modern technology with functionality enhancements that improved performance and compatibility, as well as an eye catching redesign. The new portal is flexible and has given us the opportunity to add new features, enhancing the user's experience and availability of information on their products.

Your fulfillment partner should understand how to maintain wine in order to keep its quality. Temperature-controlled solutions should be available to you, such as WineDirect's cool packs, or partnering with a last-mile service like Vinum 55. Recently, we've also added these new features:

Estimate Weather Risk: clients can avoid degrading wine through the Estimate Weather Risk. This new feature gives a 5-day forecast, allowing you to search for orders that are at risk of deteriorating or being delayed due to forecasted weather.

Advanced Weather Hold: this feature allow you to automatically add a cold pack or eco-cold pack to your orders as they flow through our system.

Drain Safe BioGel Packs: clients now have the option to use sustainable gel packs that are plant-based and 100% safe to pour down the drain, with the same superior performance of a standard pack.

Inter-Center Transfer: this allows wineries to execute transfers between our facilities, providing real-time visibility via sub-inventories during the whole process.

Estimate Weather Risk

Introducing an adaptable & modern database

We know that your wine is extremely valuable and needs to be handled with care and accuracy by your Fulfillment partner. WineDirect has the latest order cutoff in the industry and an accuracy rate above 99.98%. To maintain this level of excellence, our Fulfillment centers have retired an outdated system and replaced it with Körber One, the next generation HTML5 web platform that runs the Warehouse Advantage application. Used in all 5 of our Fulfillment centers, this new cloud-hosted Warehouse Management System (WMS) utilizes modern databases, offers a modern UI for our end-users, and boasts enhanced integration capabilities to seamlessly integrate new features deployed anywhere within our Fulfillment architecture.

Fulfillment clients can now benefit from:

  • Scalability and resiliency
  • Increased agility
  • A boost in productivity with advanced, flexible reporting and analytics
  • New capabilities through automated change promotions
Fulfillment Warehouse

Increase in efficient warehouse execution software

New post-pack stations allow our system another order route; this fulfills pick-to-tote orders alongside our existing pick-to-carton/shipper order flow. The pick-to-tote order flow will enable us to handle complex orders and serves the ever-growing needs—for example, mixed item orders such as cans and bottles.

Learn how to optimize your winery for the busy SOND season with the help of the WineDirect Training Team. Sign up here for an upcoming webinar!

Here at WineDirect, we are constantly evolving our fulfillment solutions in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients, and to continue to ship faster with industry-leading speed, care, and accuracy. If you’re a WineDirect client, you can lean on your dedicated Account Manager as a trusted resource to help you understand these key updates, and how to get the best out of this holiday season. If you’re looking to make WineDirect your fulfillment partner, speak to our team to find out how your winery can benefit from our platform.

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