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Embrace the future of SMS marketing with RedChirp

By  Andrea Smalling
October 11, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2C communication, SMS marketing stands out as a vital tool, enabling businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level. Many clients at WineDirect are well acquainted with the benefits of using RedChirp for ecommerce. And now, we're extremely excited to announce that we’re extending its availability to our Fulfillment clients too with a special promotion to get you started! 

Keep reading to learn how it can enhance your fulfillment services... 

Automated reports for targeted marketing 

WineDirect Fulfillment clients can utilize RedChirp to generate detailed reports of consumers who have previously purchased specific wines. This targeted approach allows you to personalize your marketing efforts, connecting with consumers who are most likely to engage.  

Minimize returns with real-time shipping updates 

We know that a seamless delivery experience is important to your consumers. With RedChirp, you can automatically send shipping updates via text messages, keeping your consumers informed about the status of their orders so they know when their wine is arriving, minimizing frustrated buyers and costly returns. 

Drive sales with interactive consumer engagement 

You can choose what message to send and when to send it. Want feedback on a new release? Set up SMS to prompt consumers to review the wine after delivery. It’s not only for system messaging, RedChirp allows your consumers to respond directly to you via text, on your terms, fostering engagement. You’ll be notified of any responses from consumers, enabling immediate action.  

Expand your text strategy for even more ROI

RedChirp subscriptions include more than just delivery texts. Web-to-text chat lets customers initiate inbound conversations from your website, and Payment Requests securely collect credit card information up to 6 times faster. Use RedChirp for customer service, bulk club and marketing texts, and completely automated notifications about reservations too. RedChirp also integrates with other popular wine industry software that may be in your tech stack including tock, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, WinePulse, and Outshinery.

Feel confident that you are using SMS safely 

RedChirp's platform is meticulously designed to adhere to industry regulations, allowing your SMS marketing campaigns to be not just effective, but also compliant.  

We’re covering the first 3 months! 

To facilitate this transition, WineDirect will cover the one-time setup costs and the first three months of RedChirp subscriptions for WineDirect clients who sign up for new RedChirp accounts. Whether you need assistance in training, campaign creation or setting up a new automation, the RedChirp team is ready to help. 

Click here for more information and to get started.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.  

Get your free, printable holiday calendar, courtesy of our partner Outshinery:

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