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Case Study: How Hyland Estates Grew Online Sales with One Click Offers

By  Corinna Wang
October 21, 2019

Whether you already have a booming direct to consumer (DTC) wine business, are looking for ways to drive online sales, or are considering new tools to grow, there’s a lot to think about. How do you bring people to your online store? How often should you market to them? How can you convince them to buy more? In this case study, we’ll discuss how One Click Offers can help you grow your DTC efforts.

Online sales represent the biggest opportunity for wineries selling DTC today. With a high average order value ($282), low penetration (10% of total sales), high average bottles per order (7) and lowest barrier to entry (your website can sell wine 24/7 with no action needed from your team) it’s a good time to be selling online.

Background - One Click Offers Make Checkout Easier

As expectations rise for great online experiences, making it easy to buy wine from your website is key. Every extra click decreases the chances of winning the sale - which is why WineDirect built One Click Offers. All you need to do is curate products into an offer (think ‘Thanksgiving 6 Pack’), and we’ll create a unique URL that you can then embed into an email campaign or a social media offer. When customers click the link, they're directed straight to the checkout page with their shopping cart pre-filled. Fewer clicks for them, more online sales for your winery!

Application - How Hyland Estates Capitalized on One Click Offers

Hyland Estates is one of Oregon's oldest and largest wineries, with roots dating back to 1971. They actively look for ways to curate their wines and present them in new and interesting ways. One Click Offers allowed their team to offer specific quantities of complementary products, resulting in a spike in online sales.

In this highlighted example, summer was fast approaching, so Hyland Estates decided to run an offer to move two vintages of high scoring Chardonnay. They created a One Click Offer to highlight these two Chardonnays, and then executed an email campaign to all of their customers. They had a total of 37 orders as a direct result of their email campaign. All of these orders purchased the One Click Offer, with many of them actually adding more Chardonnay to their cart, and some even adding more products outside of the offer.


“We are having more success with our email campaigns. By pre-loading the cart, we can drive up the AOV. In most retail shops once you get the bottle in the customer’s hand, they are far more likely to purchase that wine. The same principle applies with One Click Offers, because you can put 4 bottles in their cart for them, and they’re likely to be happy with that. As opposed to having them build their own cart, which takes more time, the effort of searching for the wines they want, and the likelihood they’ll choose fewer bottles. As a bonus, we are also able to shift focus to certain SKUs.” - Joe Paradise, Tasting Room Manager

Hyland Estates was able to generate quick sales because it was easy for customers to execute an online purchase without abandoning their shopping cart, or having to call the winery for help. By focusing the offer on specific SKUs, they were also able to move inventory, freeing up space for newer vintages.

By creating a One Click Offer and then sharing that via email or social media, you are driving sales that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s a simple way to package up your curated wines with a neat little bow and share that with your customers.

Looking to Drive Sales Using One Click Offers?

First, make sure you’ve enabled our new checkout tools, as One Click Offers requires this.

  • Under Store in the Admin Panel, navigate to Promos and select One Click Offers
  • Create a New Offer and give it a name
  • Select the Products and quantities you want to add to the cart
  • If desired, edit the custom URL
  • Share the custom URL on social media or via email to drive your online sales!

>Learn more

At WineDirect, we are always looking for ways to make selling wine DTC easier for you. One Click Offers is another example of innovative tools that help you drive your online sales. Not yet a client? Put WineDirect’s tools to work for your winery. Speak to our team today.

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