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An Insider's Guide to WineDirect's 10 Best Features

By  Kari Scott
June 1, 2021

When a guest walks out of your tasting room without leaving their name, you've lost out not only on a potential sale, but also a long-term relationship. The exact same thing is true when you draw someone onto your website with a great promo code but don't convert them into a buyer or capture their info.

Did you know that you can capture guests' data both easily and naturally — and optimize the rest of their customer experience, too — with tools already built into WineDirect's platform?

In fact, WineDirect's software is ideal for a truly comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategy that stretches from your winery floor to your website pages. Adopting a few new features and tweaking a few others will greatly increase the value you gain from the WineDirect platform. It'll also help you pull in new strategies, particularly for digital marketing, to enhance your existing tactics.

We've compiled those 10 features into The Insider's Guide to WineDirect's Best Features based on customer data, customer conversations and what we've seen to be most effective in real-life use cases.

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