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Guest Post: 4 WineDirect Email Tools My Winery Clients Love

By  Jessica Foye
June 24, 2020

With limited visitation this summer, we’re all working to maximize every bit of digital communication in an effort to drive ecommerce sales. To that end, here are four email tools that I think are under-used in WineDirect that have worked well for many of our clients at WineGlass Marketing.

Leverage Automation with Action Emails

You can find these under Contacts and then Action Emails. These are automated emails, meaning you can set them up once and then forget about them. There are actually 17 preconfigured options for you, and then you can configure more of your own.

I would highly suggest as least the abandoned cart email. These really work, and just a note, don't be afraid to send them out multiple times. Recent research suggests that sending at least 3 abandoned cart emails results in at least 69% more orders than when you just send one.

Here’s an example from Ponzi Vineyards, these are all preconfigured by WineDirect. But you can also design these yourself. We created Ponzi's to be attractive and have links back to the store.

ponzi abandoned cart email in winedirect

Spruce up Your System Emails

Along the same lines, make your system emails work harder for you. There are 9 preconfigured emails that are in every WineDirect ecommerce site. Do you know which email almost every customer opens? Their receipt. This is an excellent opportunity to capture their attention.

Welcome emails have an 82% click through rate. You can also customize these, but hardly anybody ever does. Don't miss this channel as an important opportunity to brand your receipts and welcome emails and use them as highly targeted touch points with a message to drive consumers back to your website.

Drive Sales with One Click Offers

You should always be using one click offers when you have an offer that doesn't involve choice. Research shows that consumers like choice, but, sometimes it’s effective to make the choice easy for your customers by offering a bundle with set thresholds for volume.

This is especially relevant now, when you may previously have had many on-site POS buyers who are changing their behavior to online ordering. Rather than leaving the customer on a landing page where they have to compile their cart, why not do it for them? These are easy to set up under Store and then Promos; you just take the URL and put it in your email. Here's one way you can format your one click offer in your email, via Bonny Doon Vineyard.

one click offer in winedirect

Upsell Using Carrots

The carrot is an excellent upsell tool that you can use to encourage customers to add more wine to their cart. Whether encouraging them to take advantage of a shipping offer by adding a few more bottles or recommending wines they might like based on what’s already in their cart, you can drive additional purchases with these pop-up offers.

These are also under Promos and they take less than a minute to set up. I would challenge you that for every offer you have out there, use a carrot to encourage visitors to take that offer into the cart. Here's an example of a carrot promoting a shipping offer.


So when you send your emails, take a moment and think about the promotional tools available through WineDirect that can boost the success of your marketing program.

Susan DeMatei is the President of WineGlass Marketing, a full-service direct marketing firm working within the wine industry in Napa, California.


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