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5 Ways WineDirect is Improving the Checkout Experience

By  Corinna Wang
July 31, 2019

As part of WineDirect's commitment to innovation and best-in-class technology, we've spent a lot of time optimizing our online checkout experience for our customers. By improving the customer experience in the checkout process, we aim to help you drive website sales. Over 3/4 of online shoppers add items to their cart, but don't complete the purchase. A sub-par checkout experience can exacerbate this and cause you to lose precious sales by distracting customers with unnecessary navigation elements.

With our updated checkout tools, we've made five key improvements to reduce customer frustration and increase conversion - all while keeping the tools simple for you to use.

1. More Login, Payment & Shipping Options

Make it easy for your customers to checkout by offering them options. With the convenience of Facebook Login, customers can easily complete the purchasing process for both wine clubs and products. They can checkout as a guest, login with Facebook, or login to get their club discounts. You can offer PayPal as a payment option and you will soon have access to Fedex HAL (Hold at Location, currently in Beta testing) options as well options as well for wine club members.

2. Seamless Website Experience

If your checkout page doesn't look and feel like the rest of your website, customers may lose confidence and not complete the purchase. WineDirect enables you to easily apply your own brand to our checkout pages including a customized header, over 900 Google fonts and customizable colors.

3. Optimized Ecommerce Experience

We've designed our checkout tools to increase sales conversion, reduce cart abandonments and minimize the number of clicks it takes to complete a purchase. We did the heavy lifting to identify ecommerce best practices so that your customers enjoy an simple, fast checkout experience.

4. Innovative Marketing Tools

We're also layering in new, integrated marketing tools such as One Click Offers. One Click Offers is a unique promotional tool that allows you to automatically add specific items to the shopping cart via a custom URL. When customers click the link, they'll be directed straight to the checkout page with their shopping cart pre-filled. Fewer clicks for them, more online sales for you. Out of the 250 wineries actively using this feature, we've seen an increase of almost 80% in average order value (AOV). One winery even saw a 386% increase in AOV!

5. Easy to Update

Not only are our checkout tools best-in-class, they are also easy for you to enable and update - no costly designer required. You can even preview changes and run orders in a test environment before pushing them live. When you're ready, it takes just one click to update.

How to Get Started

If you're already a WineDirect client, you can update your checkout today in less than five minutes. Head over to our Documentation Site for more details and instructions. Many of our latest checkout innovations will only work with the new tools, so upgrade now and don't miss out!

Not yet a WineDirect client? Our team would be happy to show you our website tools and talk about how we can help you improve your online sales experience. Click here to get in touch with our team.

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