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5 Tips to Convert Browsers into Buyers

By  Corinna Wang
August 18, 2022

With stiff competition in the wine industry, you are likely to be driving shoppers to your online store with a combination of email marketing, social media and face-to-face conversations. When they get there, you’ll want to make it easy for them to find and buy the products they like.

If you can merchandise your products well, you’ll increase conversion rates and boost your average order value (AOV). The goal of ecommerce merchandising is to connect potential customers with the right product so that they “Add to Cart” fast. We've gathered examples from our extensive customer base and are featuring some wineries making great use of our comprehensive toolset. Let's look at some high-impact ways you can leverage your products and drive sales on your website.

1. Product Descriptions

Ensure your products have tasting notes that are descriptive and easy to understand. You’ll want to balance the technical with the experience of enjoying your wine. Tank Garage Winery does a great job describing their wine while setting the mood for the experience:

Tank Garage Winery

2. Related Products

Curate a selection of wines that complement each other and feature them on your product page. You can use WineDirect’s Related Products tools to entice buyers to add more to their cart by pairing similar wines. You can also maximize sales potential by creating an automated email that recommends products they may like. WineDirect makes this easy with automatic Action Emails, which you can set up for purchasers of certain SKUs.

Related Products

3. Product Reviews

Displaying product reviews helps solidify the buying decision.

“For customers, online reviews and testimonials are all about building trust. And that’s especially true for ecommerce sales when shoppers can’t ask store associates for product information before buying.” - Terakeet

Although there is a possibility for negative reviews, you shouldn’t fear product reviews. If you’re wondering how to start building product reviews on your website, we recommend you set up an automated post-purchase email. Wineries using WineDirect can easily setup an Action Email thanking a customer for their recent purchase and inviting them to rate the wine on your website. Tinhorn Creek has done a great job including reviews on their website:

Tinhorn Creek

4. Carrots for Clarity

Once a customer is on your website, there’s an opportunity to upsell. Having messaging as customers move around your website can encourage them to take action, like buying 6 bottles instead of 4 to qualify for $1 shipping. WineDirect’s Carrots aren’t a new tool, but they’re very effective at upselling and cross-selling. You can see that Bread & Butter Wines are using carrots to encourage their customers to buy more to qualify for discounted shipping:

Bread & Butter

5. Reduce Clicks to Purchase

To avoid overwhelming your customers with choice, curate a 3 or 6 pack of wines you know they’ll enjoy. With WineDirects’ One Click Offers, you can generate a link automatically adding those wines to their shopping cart. Embed the link in emails or social media posts to increase online sales conversions. These highly enticing offers take the guesswork out of your customers' hands because you can choose to feature wines together and the customer simply needs to purchase. This email example from Kramer Vineyards offers a clear price discount when purchasing more cases.

Kramer Vineyards

There are so many features that you can implement today throughout your website, and all are designed to ensure that you turn as many browsers into buyers as possible. Is your winery’s website taking full advantage of the tools WineDirect has to offer?

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