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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Winery Website Design

By  WineDirect Team
September 13, 2017

Being in the winery business is not as easy as most people think. Competition is tough, and with countless winery businesses setting up shop online, your biggest advantage lies on how well your design works. Remember that the website is your winery's online representative, so it should be able to reach out to new clients and keep up with your regular customers. What can you do to make your winery website work? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Make shopping and browsing easier.

Shopping for wines online may seem simple enough, but there is always room for improvement. Even eliminating one click from the purchase path can make a big difference. Make sure the “Buy” button is front and center on your product page and that the color is differentiated and eye-catching.

You should also look for a platform that allows your customers to access their shopping carts from any page. By seamlessly integrating the cart into the browsing process, you’re making it less of a hassle for your customers to look around for and buy many items from your winery website.

Finally, always display the product info throughout the purchasing process. This eliminates the need to switch between the product page and the transaction page in order to crosscheck the product or purchase details.

2. Make sure that the website is mobile adaptive

More and more people are doing their shopping using their phones and tablets, so it’s an absolute must for an effective winery website to be mobile adaptive. In fact, 40% of traffic and 25% of purchases on WineDirect client websites came from mobile and table devices in 2017. A mobile adaptive winery website design allows your customers to browse and choose from your collection or sign up for reward programs and deals whenever they feel like it and from wherever they may be. This ensures a smoother and more convenient shopping experience for both wine club members and guest customers alike. If you’re a WineDirect client, you can take advantage of our free website templates, which are fully mobile friendly.

3. Showcase your products properly

Marketing is a staple for any kind of product, but it's safe to say that a winery website has to put more effort in showcasing its products. Wine lovers, after all, not only like the taste of wine, they also like knowing the story behind every bottle. Good product presentation can help direct the attention of your customers to bottles that fit their palate profile.

There are three important points when showcasing your product. First, you need high-quality photos that show off your product. Next, you need well-written product descriptions that exemplify the unique story and characteristics of the product. Finally, you need to put important info such as alcohol content, flavors, packaging, and price point — any practical information that your customer will certainly look for.

4. Encourage feedback from customers

Word of mouth is just as effective in online businesses as it is for brick-and-mortar businesses. While it's great to have recommendations from local publications, feedback from people who have actually tried your products will help potential customers get a more accurate idea of how good your wine products are.

Display customer feedback and testimonials for each item and encourage wine club members who have tried out these items to leave ratings and reviews. You can't always expect 5-star ratings from all of your customers, but that's normal because different people have different preferences.

5. Update the content of your website

A well-designed winery website has to be coupled with great content. Establish your website as a prime source of information about wine, wine tasting, and other related topics so that customers will start seeing it as a go-to website if they want to know something. More site visitors means improved visibility for the products displayed on your website.

You can start by discussing how your wines are made. Post articles and online guides about recommended wine products, as well as informative videos that both educate customers about wine and showcase your own products. You can also have a personal blog where you can share your insights on the wine industry, to connect to your customers.

It takes more than good design and content for a winery website to work, but those two elements are enough to get you started. Keep your website well-maintained and don’t be afraid to implement changes that may work to further improve your site’s functionality and ease-of-use. This way, you can better accommodate your guests and members and provide them a more customized shopping experience.

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