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Discover 7 Exceptional Winery Email Marketing Examples Perfect for Spring

By  Jessica Foye
April 17, 2023

Looking for some spring email marketing inspiration? Here are five examples of what WineDirect client wineries are doing to promote their wines during the start of the season. 

1. Add a little something extra 

It's always a good idea to add a little extra something to your emails to make them stand out. Including picnic ingredients that pair well with your wines, just like Stags Leap have done, is a great way to do just that! Not only does it make your email more interesting and memorable, but it also provides your customers with a fun and tangible way to engage with your brand. Plus, by offering a helpful pairing suggestion, you're providing even more value to your customers and making it more likely that they'll make a purchase. 

2. Make purchasing easy with one-click offers

As expectations rise for great online experiences, making it easy to buy wine from your website is key. With clear buy buttons, MacRostie Winery used WineDirect's One Click Offer feature to package up their curated Spring Wine Box with a neat little bow to share with their customers for easy shopping. 

3. Let your fans know what you're up to 

If you're running events at your winery, it's crucial to promote them in your marketing emails. Your email subscribers are likely some of your most loyal customers and biggest fans, so why not give them the inside scoop on what's happening at your winery? By sharing information about your events in your emails, you're not only keeping your subscribers in the loop but also enticing them to come and experience your winery in person. We loved Chosen Family’s email promoting their spring release party.  

4. Use unique imagery 

Images of serene vineyards and beloved tasting rooms in the inbox are great for a moment of daydream, but sometimes a splash of unique imagery is what really grabs the reader's eye. Staged on a bold background, this image from Sunny with a Chance of Flowers tickles the senses with bright pops of color and juicy citrus fruit. 

5. Measure your success with promo codes 

Everybody loves a good deal. Sharing promotions with your email list is a great way to foster that relationship, as we see here with Regusci Winery. In addition to the influx of sales you will receive, use this opportunity to also collect data from this campaign. Unique promotion codes make it easy to track the source of sales. This data will help you identify places to improve and continue prioritizing your email subscribers. 

6. Personalized Wine Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to engage with your customers is through personalized recommendations. Spring is a season of renewal, and wineries can use this opportunity to suggest wines that align with their customers' preferences. These emails can include tailored suggestions based on previous purchases or customer profiles. For example, if a customer frequently purchases light white wines, an email featuring a selection of crisp Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays can be incredibly enticing.

7. Exclusive Spring Release Announcements

Wineries often release limited-edition wines to celebrate the changing seasons. Using email marketing to announce these special releases can create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation among your subscribers. Craft your emails with stunning visuals of the new wine labels, detailed descriptions of the wine profiles, and perhaps even a behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process. This not only promotes your products but also invites your customers to become a part of the winemaking journey.

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