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5 examples of effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing

By  Jessica Foye
November 28, 2023

We loved seeing our client’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions in our inboxes and on our social channels! To draw a close to the two biggest sale events of the year, we’ve collated a few examples of wineries that have mastered their marketing.

1. Give sale previews

As we mentioned in our Checklist for a profitable Black Friday, preparation is most definitely key. Taking a proactive approach to your offers by sending preview and early access emails like Ex Nihilo Vineyards can secure sales before your consumer is inundated with emails. 

2. Include incentives

As you will know by now, gaining and retaining customers and wine club members is extremely important for your winery. Adding a gift code that can be used in the future is a good incentive for your customers to return. Argyle Winery added something a little extra to their Cyber Monday deals, encouraging their buyers to join their wine club for 1-cent shipping.

3. Use unique imagery

Mix it up by stepping away from your beautiful vineyard view and use eye-catching colors to make the audience stop scrolling. Black Girl Magic Wines is a perfect example of using bright and bold colors in a simple but effective Instagram post.  

4. Embrace video

Evidence shows that videos interact better with the various algorithms on social media. This means that you could reap the benefits by using videos in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing like My Favorite Neighbor did over on Instagram. 

5. Add personality

The huge influx of emails that inevitably come with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales means that it’s more important than ever to make sure your marketing stands out from the crowd. Domaine Carneros took full advantage of this by adding personality to their email. 

We hope you had a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday; we loved seeing your creative marketing strategies. Be sure to include some of the tips above in your next campaign! Contact WineDirect for more information.

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