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4 ways to capitalize on OND

By  Jessica Foye
September 27, 2023

You blinked and now suddenly we’re heading back into OND (October, November, and December). Ecommerce businesses get crazy this time of year - and your winery should be no exception. One of the best ways to stand out amidst all of the competition is by emailing your consumers personalized offers. Stay top of mind, remind them how great your wine is - and bring them back to that time they enjoyed your wine while taking a break from the daily grind in your tasting room. 

Here are 4 tips to help make this OND your best yet: 

1. Send emails when others aren't

There never was, and there never will be a secret sauce for the best time to send out emails. Office hours no longer exist, and no one wants to wake up with 50 emails. So, how do you stand out? One idea is to send your emails when nobody else is. This can help your winery stand out in an overly saturated inbox. However, according to some useful stats from CoSchedule, Tuesday and Thursday may be the best days to send as they have the highest open rates.  

Try different times, and different days, and take note of the results to see what works best for you. Bear in mind this may change from month to month! 

2. Reach out to consumers you haven't heard from in a while

Nurturing relationships with your long-time consumers is vital. Even though new faces are right in front of you, buying wine and visiting your tasting room - you don’t want to lose that connection with some of your most loyal consumers. You have to put the effort in to keep those relationships going. Start by sending out a quick email asking if they’d like a replenishment of the last wine they bought. Even better - offer a discount to sweeten the deal. 

3. Offer up more than just wine

Nobody appreciates feeling like they’re being sold to at all times. So, make sure you include a few emails in your campaigns that give your consumers more value instead of constantly asking them to buy more. Using the holiday season to convey appreciation can go a long way in fostering loyalty. A great example is curating a recipe with a wine pairing or thanking them for their business this year - and maybe inviting them to your wine club so they can enjoy your wine more often! 

4. Ask for feedback 

Don’t be shy in following up with consumers! Ask them how they enjoyed their wine 30 days after purchase. Scheduling an action email is easy and automated, but it still has a personalized touch by using their first name and noting the SKU they purchased. You can even get them to rate and review your wine. Feedback is a great way to reconnect with consumers - whether to find out more details on ways to improve, or just to thank them for their business. 

Get your free, printable holiday calendar, courtesy of our partner Outshinery:

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