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4 Digital Marketing Tips to Amplify Your 2019 Strategy

By  Tina Serio
July 31, 2019

We have hit that midway point of the year but it’s not too late to integrate digital marketing into this year’s business plans, or upgrade what you’re already doing! If you missed our webinar this spring, Building Your Digital Strategy for 2019 with WineDirect and Modern Digital, you can catch the recording here. Or if you’re very pressed for time, we’ve selected the key takeaways to share with you.

1. Digital marketing goals & measurement

In the webinar, we talked about what you should do first to ensure you have a solid digital strategy for 2019 – setting your objective and measuring towards it. We learned that digital marketing is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend their time online – such as your website or on digital advertising platforms like Google Ads, email marketing, social media, and more. When building your strategy, you first identify your audience, then define your objective and key performance indicators (KPIs), and lastly decide how you will serve your customers digitally – i.e. which channels work best for your message!

2. Website optimization

In order to reach those customers and actually get them to engage with your online content, you should start by looking at your website and making sure it’s in great shape to do the heavy lifting for you. By going through a website audit, you can ask questions that help you understand if your website navigation and user experience (UX) are optimal. There are also automated tools and features such as WineDirect’s carrot tool, to get users to engage or take a specific action.

3. Social media content calendar

We reviewed building out a full and robust social media profile for your business and then leveraging a content calendar to consistently post and ensure freshness for your followers. With a social media content calendar, you’ll never miss important dates, you can encourage collaboration, and you can figure out what variety of visuals and content types work best for your audience.

4. Online advertising channels

Last but not least, we touched on just a few specific paid channels that can drive sales through your ecommerce experience. Paid search, or search engine marketing (SEM), is where you use an ad platform (i.e. Google Ads) to advertise on the search engine results page, and is an effective intent-based marketing channel. Display media advertising is the practice of placing banner ads in ad placements on a wide range of relevant websites. Lastly, social media ads leverage great content on social channels using unique targeting available on each platform, such as Facebook or Instagram.

I hope you’ll join us for future digital marketing webinars and continue to explore these channels for your business. If your team needs website design assistance, WineDirect has a roster of certified designers available, and Modern Digital is always here for help and personalized training to enable you to take your business to the next level.



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