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2021 Direct-to-Consumer Impact Report

By  Andrea Smalling
March 10, 2022

We are excited to release our report, “2021 Direct-To-Consumer Impact Report: What Wineries Need to Do Now" in partnership with Enolytics. We paired 200 million transaction records from WineDirect clients with Enolytics’ data analysis technology to create a report that delivers actionable insights for wineries selling wine Direct-To-Consumer. Derived from a scale of data and depth of analysis never before seen in the wine industry, this report answers the wine industry’s most pressing questions about the current DTC landscape and its future.

Key features of the report include:

  • Actionable steps that wineries can take immediately to grow their DTC business.
  • A rich set of images and visualizations, as well as a written supplement for those interested in a deeper textual narrative.
  • Analysis incorporating 20+ measures and 20+ dimensions, which allows for a deep level of granularity. Examples include Channel, Metro Area, AOV, Cases Sold and Varietal.

Fill out the form and receive your free copy today.

Learn more about Enolytics:


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