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Where Do Your Feature Requests Go?

Sep 11, 2016   |   Sarah Barwin Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce, Tasting Room & Hospitality
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Vin65 thrives on client feedback -- on your feedback. It’s how we decide everything that gets built on our platform, from the priority of bug fixes to major enhancements and new features.

Your suggestions are behind all the new features we introduced this summer, including gift cards, the social dashboard, enhanced club tools and increased POS speed (thanks to Twisted Oak, Elmaro Vineyard, Ravines Wine Cellars, Domaine Carneros and more) -- not to mention some exciting things we have up our sleeve coming out later this year.

In the past, you may have felt that your feedback hasn’t been heard or that feature requests fall into a black hole, floating forever in no man’s land.





That’s our bad. We personally read every feature request that gets sent our way. So although we’ve always been listening, we didn’t do a great job of letting you know your request helps shape our software. We appreciate your input! Keep it coming (and we’ll get back to you on every single one).

 Hey, I’m Sarah. And I’m here to help fill that communication gap.













Since I joined Vin65 in June, you have submitted over 100 feature requests (that’s 1 request per day, 7 days a week). I have done my best to read and reply to every one of your requests, and I speak to many of you regularly about your needs.




My main goal is to listen and keep you informed. I’m taking your feedback and sharing it with the rest of our team; we’re prioritizing what we can, and leveraging your ideas to build innovative features. When features or upgrades get built, I’m working hard to make sure that you’re in the loop every time we make an update.


While we’d love to implement every single amazing idea you have, we’re a small team. But we’re striving to build the best ecommerce and POS software in the wine industry, with a large diversity of wineries using the tools in different ways.


That means we want to hear from you, so keep those ideas flowing in, and together we’ll continue improving the platform and building a product that truly helps you sell more wine.

The tools evolve every day and we value direct feedback and insights from all of our clients! So, I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email or send over a feature request.


PS - State of the Union 3.0 is coming up! We’re going to do things a bit differently this year and the event is February 1, 2017. Stay tuned for details!

















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