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What to look for in your tasting room POS system

Jan 25, 2016   |   Laura Lockwood Recommended for:   Tasting Room & Hospitality
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Visiting a tasting room is a rewarding experience for customers. With so many new varietals hitting the market and increased access to new wines due to ecommerce, consumers expect more when they visit your brick-and-mortar location. One key piece of technology that can enhance the tasting room is a mobile point of sale system. As a report by Boston Retail partners revealed, 300 percent more retailers plan to deploy a mobile POS system in the next two years. In fact, the growth of online shopping actually increases the need for this technology. Choosing the right system can be a challenge, but here are three factors you should look for in your tasting room POS:

1. Access to the cloud
First off, it is important to choose a POS system that is cloud based. By tapping into capabilities that are enabled by the cloud through Wifi or 4G, you can create a seamless experience for your in-store customers. Cloud-based POS systems allow you to:

  • Easily and automatically manage inventory.
  • Direct customers to your online wine store for items that are out of stock in the tasting room.
  • Establish rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Gather customer information for email lists, social media and personalization.
  • Integrate with wine club memberships.

Each of these capabilities will help you bridge the gap between your in-store and online wine store presence.


2. Portability
In the tasting room, it's important to use a POS system that will allow you to easily move around the space. Since customers purchasing wine typically don't require a checkout counter for folding, sorting and removing censors from merchandise, a mobile POS is practical for in-store wine purchases. Customers purchasing wine want store associates to be engaging and informative. With the tools a mPOS system provides, workers can help guests research and compare products while giving them the attention they need on the sales floor.

3. Mobile payment-compatibility
Mobile payments are on the rise and wineries must adapt to this trend to meet customer expectations in the tasting room. In fact, RetailingToday cited research from the Deloitte "2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey," which found the use of mobile devices to make in-store payments has almost quadrupled in the past year. With this in mind, you should invest in a POS technology that is equipped to accept this form of payment.

POS systems are an important feature for tasting rooms. Not only do they enhance the in-store experience, but bridge the online and offline worlds.

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