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What makes the top 20% of wineries so special?

Jan 14, 2015   |   Joanne Grantz Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce
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WineDirect's President Andrew Kamphuis and VP of Sales Jim Agger spoke at the 2015 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium yesterday.

Andrew's presentation was Three Proven Ways to Sell More Wine Online. In the fast paced ecommerce world, with competition everywhere, and high consumer expectations, how do you compete? With wine sales accelerating online direct to consumer, Andrew outlines what you should be doing now to increase DTC sales.

  • Email marketing outperforms search engine and social in conversions at a rate of 2.5%. Email works best when it provides consumers with real value.  Use a great subject line and have a single focus. Make sure the message is mobile friendly.
  • Use technology. Mobile use has grown 76% year-over-year.  To attract buyers, you need to have a great mobile site.  Action emails and text messaging are great ways to reach consumers who are always on their phones.
  • Improve the online user experience.  Have simple navigation, great images, and focus on the buyers’ needs.  Give them a reason to buy!

To see Andrew’s presentation in its entirety, click here.

Jim’s presentation was DTC Data: What You Can Learn from the Top 20%.  In his presentation, Jim reviews the actionable data that makes the top 20% who they are.

After analyzing the sales history data of the 1000+ WineDirect customers, we found that:

  • The top 20% have 5x more email contacts than the bottom 80%
  • If you’re in the top 20%, the average order is $100 more than the bottom 80%

Jim goes on to detail the three winning strategies to boost average order value:

  • Upsell
  • Shipping Incentives
  • Loyalty Programs
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Break into the top 20% of wineries with our free eBook: