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Spooky, Eerie & Frightening Winery Habits

Corinna Wang
Oct 28, 2021   |   Corinna Wang Recommended for:   Wine Club, Marketing, Ecommerce
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In the spirit of Halloween, we are looking at some spooky, eerie and frightening winery habits. As the Winery’s Champion, WineDirect is passionate about helping you grow your DTC program. This time of year, your online sales are likely taking off while customers prepare for the holiday season. Are you committing these frightening habits?

1. Underutilizing Action Emails

Email is the single most effective digital marketing tool available. But it takes time to set up effective email offers and newsletters. Let our system do some of the heavy lifting for you. With WineDirect Action Emails, you can automatically send out key communications to clients without anyone on your team needing to do anything.

One of the most effective Action Emails is the "Thank You" email, which goes out after a customer has visited your tasting room or purchased from your online shop. Use this email to say thank you for stopping by, give them a special offer and encourage them to shop for wine on your website. This single email has a 7.5% conversion to purchase rate, which is nearly three times our system average. By implementing it, here's how it can affect your bottom line:

Do you have abandoned cart action emails setup? You should. It's a no-brainer, like sneaking trick-or-treat candy from your kids. Reminding customers about items in their shopping cart via an automatic email will drive them back to your site to complete their purchase. Across the WineDirect platform, abandoned cart emails have an open rate of around 60% and a click through rate around 20%. If you're sending abandoned cart action emails - people are reading them.

With our Quick Configure tool, you can easily set up some of the most popular Action Emails effortlessly. Get started now.

2. Unclear Call-to-Actions

Do you send out emails with a clear call-to-action (CTA)? Emails should always have one main CTA that motivates your reader to click. Burying links within text where readers may miss it, too many CTAs within one email, and even spookier – emails with no CTA and no follow up action may cause your email campaigns to be less impactful . This invitation has a visual call to action, with concise button text, and gives me enough information to entice me to attend the event:

3. Using Legacy Checkout Tools

The best way to BOOst your security is to have the current checkout tools enabled. WineDirect has recently added a new, layer of security to wineries using the latest checkout tools. This invisible and frictionless user experience known as reCAPTCHA works to detect bots in the background and helps to block fraudulent online orders. This enhanced fraud protection is critical in the busy sales season, especially with the continued boom of ecommerce. Learn how to upgrade here.

4. Not Collecting Email Addresses

The scariest thing of all is wineries who do not collect an email address from every person who enters their tasting room. Make sure you are capturing data from as many people in the group as possible. It’s never been harder to acquire new potential customers, so don’t let a warm lead walk out the door without leaving their email address so that you can market to them later. And remember, if you capture data - you'll need to comply with state or provincial regulations, making sure you also get consent from the customer to add them to your marketing mailing list.

By utilizing Carrots, easily set up a notification within the point-of-sale app to remind tasting room staff to collect email addresses. You can also create carrots that help you upsell in the tasting room and on your website. If a consumer has 5 bottles of wine in their cart, display a carrot message in the cart telling them to add 1 more bottle to receive half price shipping. Carrots are a fantastic way to increase average order value and boost sales.

5. Limited Customization Opportunity

Are you operating a user choice club where you curate club shipments, but also offer flexibility? FANGtastic! Consumers want to be able to customize based on their preferences and will stay members for longer.

To alleviate the administrative pains of launching a user choice wine club, WineDirect offers a suite of custom wine club tools. These tools not only provide a superior user experience to your customers, but enhance operational efficiency of the club, making the management side much easier.

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