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QR Codes Help Keep Wines Authentic and In Reach

Jul 28, 2014   |   Courtney Copland Recommended for:   Marketing
Wine Bottles With Qr Codes May Be Effective Marketing Tool Wine Bottles With Qr Codes May Be Effective Marketing Tool

If you're a winery selling directly to customers,Wine_bottles_with_QR_codes_may_be_effective_marketing_tool.jpg any form of wine marketing that can be done by the bottle rather than by standard marketing strategy can be a boon to you. Your bottles are the ones that promote you best, simply due to the word-of-mouth nature of most wine promoting. A good bottle can yield interest in your business very quickly. But in today's society, where everyone is wielding a smartphone, there is a way to get people to know about your product as fast as possible. Through mobile devices, you can help create a relationship with the consumer. This method is through QR codes, which can be scanned on a mobile device to direct people to more information on the product, or even to a page where they can order it to be shipped to their homes.

Fine marketing
If a sommelier decides to offer your wine to a restaurant patron, he or she can then scan the QR code on the label to immediately get information on the bottle and the winery. According to Inc. Magazine, this is probably the most ideal situation in regards to using the codes. A customer would probably like to know more about the winery that created the chardonnay they just drank and possibly save it for later. After scanning it, they could use that information to gain more insights on the vintage, what grapes and methods of production you use, what other wine varieties you may sell and how they can purchase them. With proper optimization, such a landing page that is specific to the QR code, you can get winos a good idea of what your product is like. You can take things a step further by offering a direct means to purchase the wine through your online wine store.

Along with sharing information, you can create a degree of personalization with each QR code. You can supply a landing page with food pairings for the bottle the customer purchased. If said wine drinker has a history of purchasing other wines from you, you can develop a specific page based on their tastes and provide special offers to them that assure their loyalty. On a larger scale, if you run a subscription service, you can make a batch of bottles specific to the club that will allow members to interact with each other and learn new developments at the winery.

Keeping it real
QR codes on the wine label help in another matter that may affect your winery: Counterfeiting. While fraudulent wines with copycat labels have been an issue with the wine industry for some time, it is becoming increasingly easier to make a fake and sell it to unwitting buyers. Counterfeits can really bring down sales and will undermine your brand. It is important to make sure that your business is not undercut by fraud.

QR codes help alleviate this situation. They are not just single purpose and can be checked in multiple ways so as to detect a fraud or not. For customers, merely scanning the code and being directed to a specific page may be enough to check for fraud. You can also collaborate with wine bars and restaurants by delivering a series of codes so that any stray bottles can be checked to confirm their authenticity. In a report from Wine-Searcher, many wineries are taking that step to ensure that their brand of wine is the real deal throughout the life of the product. It helps that adding a code is a very inexpensive process, even with consumer-oriented measures such as directing them to a mobile site. The uses of QR codes work well with wine bottles because their single use will engage the consumer just enough while protecting them and you from fraud.

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