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Promoting your wine club

Jim Agger
Feb 18, 2015   |   Jim Agger Recommended for:   Wine Club, Marketing
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Wine clubs are an important part of the every winery's business. They help foster a relationship between you and your customers and they promote loyalty to your brand. If you decide to offer a new wine club, ensure that you develop a strategy to encourage people to join.

Offer wine club members invitations to events
Many wineries host private events for members. Post photographs to your website and social media pages and let your current members do the advertising for you. Have wine tasting, dinner or appetizers, hold an auction or give away prizes from a drawing. Let your members enjoy good wine, music, food and their overall experience.

Promoting your wine club as a tight-knit community can entice customers to join. If you post photos or brief bios about your current members, individuals considering joining can learn a little bit more about your wine club family. Encourage members to describe why he or she joined and what he or she enjoys about the membership.

Feature your current members
Positive remarks from club members, will bolster your reputation. The U.S. Small Business Administration identified enhancing your reputation as one of the principal keys to advertising.

Be grateful
The Beverage Trade Network noted the importance of communicating your thankfulness to current members. Interact with them and email them or send a personal note expressing your gratitude for their loyalty to your winery.

Offer flexibility and perks to members
Membership should have perks associated with it.  Many club members appreciate the flexibility in the choice of wine vs. a pre-set selection of wines. Sell and ship wine to them on their schedule and allow them to customize and personalize their orders. 

In addition, provide members with value added additions to their club shipment. Include a small free gift or include an insert that makes suggestions about wine they would enjoy based on their historic purchases. Treat your members like royalty and their experience will keep them in your club and encourage them to promote new membership.

Marketing a new wine club offer
If your winery is just introducing a new wine club option for customers, advertising this opportunity must focus on raising awareness and reaching a high volume of current customers. Entrepreneur suggested offering a discount for a limited amount of time or shipping included to encourage people to join.

Market the benefits and communicate with the members, you can increase customer loyalty, your relationship and even encourage customers to spend more money at your winery. Facilitate a great experience and market that satisfaction to improve your membership rates.

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