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Personalized wine clubs give you access to your customers.

Nov 24, 2015   |   Laura Lockwood Recommended for:   Marketing
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Wine clubs are an effective way of selling direct to customer, but if a customer isn't getting what they want, they might cease to be a part of your wine club. A way to make sure that customers who are wine club members are getting what they want is to personalize each shipment based on the individual customer's preference. That way, the wine they are delivered is something they will enjoy on an enhanced level. 

Personalized wine clubs give you access to your customers
Offering personalized wine shipments to your wine club members will not only ensure that your customers get what they want, but it will also help you build trust with your customer. The relationship-building that wine clubs provide is impossible to replicate. You have a reason to connect with your customer every time you send your club members their shipment. It provides you plenty of opportunity and reasons to make sure your customers are happy. Personalization gives you even more reason to reach out to them. You can see if they want to update their preference or ask if they have any suggestions or concerns. 

How to personalize
Personalization is all about communicating with your customers. You have to know what they like and dislike, and because people's minds change, you have to be able to update their preferences as they want. When they sign up for your wine club make sure they understand the different ways they can personalize their selection.  

At the wine tasting

  • A good place for wine club members to start is at a wine tasting. The tasting will give them an opportunity to find out what kind of wine they don't like, if they don't already know; and if they do it will allow them to find out what specific type of wine they would like to receive from you. The wine tasting is also a good time to educate customers about all of the wineries options and products.

User choice clubs

  • Grow your club by using the User Choice Club type in Vin65.  It allows you to give your club members the power to choose the number of bottles of each wine to be included in their club shipment. This option can be activated when they initially sign up or through edits to their membership made before the club is processed.  Learn more here.


  • Online can be a great place for people to update their personal preferences. In the email you send out about their shipments estimated time of delivery, make sure to include a link to a page where they can update their wine selection preferences. If they do choose to update their preferences, make sure to confirm everything with them before anything ships. 

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