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OND: Step 3 - Make it Easy to Buy Your Wine.

Corinna Wang
Oct 19, 2015   |   Corinna Wang Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce, Tasting Room & Hospitality
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"If you build it, they will come."

Well, not really. You may have some killer promotions and gift packages to get people excited for the holidays, but it'll only help you sell more wine if people know about them. Your best weapon? Emails, of course.

Email Often

Wineries don't email nearly enough. Everyone is so worried about "spamming" their customers that they end up sending out nothing at all. Emails are the most important tool in successfully selling wine online. You're only as good as your email list, your genius segments and the data you capture from your customers. You'll want to target and segment your email blasts to make sure emails are relevant and personal for the recipient.

Have a customer that ordered a case of Meritage last October? Send them an email asking if they need a fill-up before the holiday season. This customer is treated to some great customer service - and you get a repeat order.

Dig into your data and reach out to people who have abandoned their cart. If you email consumers that have left wine in their cart - 70% of people will click to get their original cart repopulated. If you pick up the phone and actually call clients - your conversion rate soars to 90%. This is a personal experience - and excellent customer service.

Use Direct Recommendations

Create an email series and curate gift packs, such as a 12 days of Christmas campaign.

  1. Wine picks for Dad
  2. Grandma is giddy for these wines
  3. Wines reserved for someone special
  4. Unusual wines for unusual friends
  5. Wines to treat yourself
  6. Thank the kids teachers wine
  7. Gift baskets for Mom
  8. The in-laws need gifts too, right?
  9. Reserve wines for the wine snob
  10. Secret Santa suggestions
  11. Gifts with fast and free shipping
  12. Holiday feast wines

Set Expectations

Prepare a shipping calendar and display it on your homepage, wines page and on the view cart page. Emails drive people to your website, so you'll want to manage the expectation of when the wine will be delivered, especially for those last minute shoppers during the holiday season.

Try Flat Rate Shipping

Reassure customers on their shipping costs. You need to be upfront with your rates - right on the homepage or the wine product page. We recommend promotional flat rate shipping, such as “All of December - shipping is $10." This is a great email enticement for people to click to buy your wine. Flat rate shipping works to grow your AOV because it ensures customers who are buying more wine aren't being penalized with higher shipping rates. 

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