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Napa Valley Roadshow Event Recap

One Thing One Thing

As I shared with the group in my opening remarks, my hope for the event was that each attendee would be able to take away one new thing that they can implement at their winery.  Based on our post-event survey results, most attendees did exactly that!  Here's a quick overview of the presentations.

Taj Eldridge of ILTG discussed the correlation between wine as a lifestyle product and other lifestyle trends, like fashion and music. This association as a strategy can expand the consumer base, increase awareness, interaction and engagement on every level.

Adam Ivor, co-founder of Gliding Eagle, discussed the Chinese wine consumer.  Chinese tourism to Napa wine country is up but visitors can only bring home a couple of bottles of wine. While they like a bargain, the Chinese consumer often buys in bulk – the average order is 3-4 cases.  How to get the wine to China?  The answer is Gliding Eagle – the do all of the prep work, all of the paperwork, shipping the wine to China in an average of 18 days!

Jim Agger of WineDirect shared the data on how the top 20% of wineries selling DTC get to be in the top 20%.  They offer shipping incentives - frequently charging 50% less than those in the bottom 80%. The average contact list size is four times larger than those in the bottom 80% and the average order value is higher.  How did they do it?  They focused on the consumer experience, taking away pain points in the order process and communicating with customers after checkout. 

Jena Domingue moderated the panel discussion on growing DTC.  The panelists were Angela Hernandez of Lede Family Vineyards, Ashley Ragovin of POUR-THIS.COM, Miryam Chae of Constellation and Nadia Kinkade of Cornerstone.  This panel discussion was well received by the crowd, with the big take-a-way being the success of User Choice Clubs.  Implementing the User Choice Clubs was cited as being the number one factor in club growth.   

Up next was Sonyia Grabski who shared her insight into the secrets of a successful tasting room.  The number one thing she advises wineries to do is consistently capture visitor data. Surprisingly, many wineries still don’t have a plan for consistent data collection.  Sonyia's advice falls right in line with one of the characteristics of the top 20%.

Michael Wright of Facebook shared humorous marketing tactics along with great tips about changing marketing focus in industries that have been around for decades.  Brand awareness is the key and Michael shared tips to do just that.

The keynote speaker was Tod Nielsen of Salesforce.  Tod talked about new ways to connect to consumers, citing examples outside of the wine industry.  The key take-a-ways were create a unique customer experience, focus on your strengths, define your “secret sauce" and finding your community influencers and get them to work for you. 

We thank each of the speakers for participating in the Roadshow.  It was a great success and was well received by all that attended. 

Most of these presentations can be viewed in their entirety on Slideshare. 

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