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Maintain your winery sales momentum in January

Jim Agger
Jan 07, 2016   |   Jim Agger Recommended for:   Marketing
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January can be a tough month for many businesses. After the holiday season, shoppers are in the mind frame to save money, unplug and spend time with friends and family. In fact, PracticalEcommerce shared data from comScore that revealed a lull in retail sales during the final weeks of 2014. That said, you have opportunities to connect with customers in new ways and keep the sales going this month and throughout the rest of the year.

If you're worried about wine sales declining in January, try some of these strategies:

1. Offer discounts on wine club membership
A great way for your winery to start the new year is with a spike in wine club memberships, and if you're lucky, some wine drinkers may have made resolutions to expand their palettes. Offer enthusiasts an opportunity to kick-off 2016 with a discounted wine club membership that gives them access to a variety of options suited to their tastes each month.

2. Alter your language
Post-holiday, your marketing efforts and language should align with changing customer behaviors and perceptions. Your winery has a better chance of maintaining its momentum this month by ensuring copy in email, on blogs and social media are contextual and relevant to consumers' states of mind. Focus on health, saving money, trying new things and spending more intimate time with friends and family.

3. Optimize your homepage
If you're operating an online wine store, make sure your homepage is optimized to reflect the post-holiday season. As PracticalEcommerce pointed out, your homepage should focus on any end-of-season or end-of-year sales. Additionally, take the opportunity to highlight seasonal varietals that won't be available once spring hits, and share ideas for winter wine parties.

4. Run seasonal promotions
Seasonal promotions are key to keeping sales up in January. According to Kissmetrics, shoppers make purchases during the holidays because of the discounts. If you're able to offer similar value in January, you will maintain their loyalty throughout the rest of the season. Kissmetrics recommends the following sale ideas:

  • Winter clearance.
  • Complimentary gifts added to orders.
  • Discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Incentives for loyalty programs.

With the right strategies and understanding of your customers, your winery can grow customer loyalty and increase sales in January.

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