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Looking ahead to 2016

Vineyard Vineyard

As many of you know, WineDirect has made several strategic moves recently in an effort to accelerate innovation and growth for our winery partners. I'm pleased to say that the results so far have been positive, and we just finished our best year yet.

As we head into the second quarter, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about some of the recent changes at WineDirect, and I'd love to answer any questions you might have. Our goal, as always, is to deliver value to our customers, and through any change we strive to maintain our primary focus on customer service. Unfortunately, we’ve heard rumors (which are being reported back to us by customers), that WineDirect plans to leave the industry.

It's disappointing for me to hear the words 'leave,' 'exit' or 'dismantling the company.'  I’m happy to report that the chances of WineDirect leaving this industry are as good as the Warriors losing their next 10 games. It's just not going to happen.

In fact, the future of WineDirect is nothing but bright, and any moves we’ve made in the past have only carried the company forward.  This past year was our best yet, and we’ve grown steadily over the last several years.  We continue to be innovative in our products and services – we recently announced same-day shipping and automatic upgrades to 2-day air during the summer months.

Of course, WineDirect isn't the only business in the wine industry that has seen change and evolution.  Company sales and consolidations are common.  One of the most notable was when ShipCompliant was bought by Sovos Compliance.  In 2014, Endeavour Capital of Portland, OR, bought a stake in Napa-based WineShipping. That same year, Granbury Solutions purchased eWinery and rebranded it as vinSUITE.  And we recently sold WineDirect Outbound to Vintage Wine Estates.

There are moves.  It is evolution. The industry is evolving, and my hope is that all of it is for the better. Of course, I can only speak for WineDirect: Everything we do is to help our customers sell more wine online.

WineDirect's future
You can either defend the status quo or define the future, and we prefer the latter. When you're pushing the envelope, it's not always smooth sailing. We understand that, and I'm certainly willing to take a step backward for every three forward.

Everything we do is in the belief that sales of wine online, or sales direct-to-consumer, will continue to outpace other channels.  We will be in the forefront of the industry providing products and services that will help you sell more wine.


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