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How to Market Your Wine Club

Creating A Curated Wine Club With Good Value For The Customer Can Help Your Winery Sell More Creating A Curated Wine Club With Good Value For The Customer Can Help Your Winery Sell More

Membership-based ecommerce is booming,creating_a_curated_wine_club_with_good_value_for_the_customer_can_help_your_winery_sell_more.jpg particularly in niche sectors, according to Practical Ecommerce. Your winery can take advantage of this trend by offering a wine club with regular deliveries, or refining the wine club program you already offer. In order to market this opportunity as well as possible, it's necessary to take certain steps. Here are a few:

Concentrate on curation
Curation, a term most commonly used in the art world, refers to collecting, organizing and caring for a set of items. A curated collection ensures every item has value and is in harmony with the rest. Applying this approach to your wine club can be a great marketing move. Consumers are interested in curated collections of products of all kinds, from clothing and beauty products to pet toys and treats. 

As a winery, you're likely to have plenty of experts who could create impressive collections for wine aficionados on a regular basis. Taking advantage of this means not only will your customers enjoy the perfect wine collections, but also that you have a new marketing angle. Your wine marketing should focus on the fact that your regular subscription deliveries are carefully selected by true experts in the field. Ideal marketing materials for this purpose include essays by curators on why they made particular choices for the current collection or past ones, as well as blog posts that demonstrate your curators' expertise. Customers often feel curated product collections give them the benefit of discovering the best options available for a price that is usually much more reasonable than what it would cost to assemble the knowledge and products necessary themselves.

Give great value
Another attraction of subscription wine clubs is the savings they usually make available to consumers. Indeed, customers tend to expect a price incentive when they are looking at enrolling in a wine club or other type of subscription service. Your winery can provide this with careful planning. It may be that your marketing expenses are lower for the wine club than for other product areas because you can rely on methods like an email list and word of mouth on social networks.

As Practical Ecommerce notes, subscription services are built to create repeat sales, which may give you the opportunity to work on smaller margins with the knowledge your customers will be returning. Indeed, repeat buyers are likely to spend as much as five times more than a new customer on each visit, according to the source. You may also be able to offer cost savings through recurring membership fees that defray the price of the complex shipping and fulfillment procedures good wine delivery requires.

Make it easy on yourself
Of course, any great marketing strategy will require effort. Ensuring that effort is worth it takes planning and time. WineDirect can help with all aspects of ecommerce, from marketing to wine shipping in a way that will create value and protect the product.

Contact a sales representative to learn more about how WineDirect's marketing solutions can help you boost sales.

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