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How to create a raving fan

Jul 21, 2008   |   Andrew Kamphuis Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce, Tasting Room & Hospitality
Raving Fan Raving Fan

Is having a great wine enough? I don't think it is. I know lots of wineries with great wine, but I'm not a raving fan. 

When there are so many brands, how do you create a raving fan for your brand? How do you reach through the clutter and show your passion and convey your story?


I've been thinking of wineries where I'm a raving fan and why do I like them more than anyone else.

  1. Obviously you have to have great wine.  However I have tasted great wine and never joined the club or become a raving fan, so a great product is only part of the equation. 
  2. You have to create a great experience. At a winery, often times the tasting room staff make all the difference for user experience. Did the staff really connect with me? Can I feel their passion? Do I know the brand story? 
  3. You have to deliver well. Recently I've seen some pretty creative packaging when ordering wine online. From simple additions like a branch from a vine (to help me connect with the vineyard), to having a small jar of jam included in our shipment. Some wineries are really starting to share the story of who they are with me through their packaging.

Too often companies execute well in a few areas (such as making a great product), and then settle for mediocrity in the little things like packaging, delivery, websites, etc, and in my opinion, that’s when the customer remains a customer rather than a raving fan. 

Every touchpoint with the customer either builds or takes away from them becoming this fan.

Tonite I started to look inwards at Vin|65 and when it comes to our own customers how do we create raving fans? We have a great product (which I'm very passionate about) however I'm not sure if we are always delivering the greatest experiences, or if we are settling for mediocrity on the little things. Do we need to improve our sales, our training, our marketing material. Where are all the touch points, and how do we ensure a first class experience at each of those? How can we communicate our passion more with our customers? We don't want to deliver a mediocre experience... we want to develop raving fans. We also want the same for you.

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