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How Carrots Are Selling More Wine

Corinna Wang
Feb 15, 2016   |   Corinna Wang Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce, Tasting Room & Hospitality
Trisaetum Carrots Trisaetum Carrots

We are well into 2016 and are looking towards the first club runs and the upcoming busy season for tasting rooms. What can you spend a few minutes on now in order to get ready for increased traffic in both your tasting room and online store? Setup carrots!

What Is A Carrot?

A carrot is a message that helps to guide your online buyers to take action. They usually coincide with current promotions that your winery has. Carrots are helping wineries upsell wines, increase average order value and prompt the customer to take action during purchase in order to qualify for the promotion.

How Do Carrots Work Online?

Carrots are designed to trigger your customers at key touch-points and prompt them to buy more wine. They work in the background and only appear when your customer takes action. Carrots appear in the modal cart and the shopping cart based on items the customer has added to the cart. Let's take a look at some great examples of carrots in action.

Example 1: Trisaetum

The offer: "Join our Email list & receive a discount code for your next order."

Why it's good: Trisaetum is collecting customer data and expanding their email list. A customer would want to sign up for the mailing list in order to get a discount on their order. It's a win-win for both winery and customer.


Example 2: Alma Rosa

The offer: "Don't want to pay for shipping? Receive shipping included for a year when you join 46Brix. LEARN MORE."

Why it's good: Alma Rosa knows that a major deterrent to buying wine online is the shipping costs consumers have to pay. They joined the 46Brix program to drive loyalty and sales - and this carrot lets all of their potential customers know that they can be a part of this $0 shipping program, similar to Amazon Prime.


Example 3: Summerhill

The offer: "Purchase 12 bottles or more and shipping is on us!"

Why it's good: Summerhill is driving bottle sales with the promise of free shipping. A customer who originally was going to buy 6 bottles will add 6 more to their cart to qualify for the free shipping promotion. This carrot is effectively driving up their average order value and promoting sales.summerhill-carrots.png

Example 4: Clos Du Bois

The offer: "Ship up to 9 bottles at no additional shipping costs!"

Why it's good: Clos Du Bois is aware that shipping costs are the #1 reason people abandon their carts online. A lot of shipping strategies are setup to penalize the customer as they add more wine to their cart. For example, 1-3 bottles costs $25 to ship, while 6-9 bottles costs $35 in shipping. Clos Du Bois is getting their customers to buy more wine, without charging more in shipping costs.clos-du-bois-carrots.png

How Do Carrots Work In The Tasting Room?

Carrots help out your tasting room staff by helping them to ask the right questions during the customer journey. The POS will recognize your club members and prompt staff to upsell and mention discounts, promotions and special offers right in the tasting room! These work exceptionally for seasonal staff and help to highlight promotions and offers for specific customer types.

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