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Host a social media wine pairing competition

Sep 02, 2015   |   David Dennigmann Recommended for:   Marketing
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Social media wine pairing competitions are a great way to increase customer loyalty and sales, and improve brand awareness.

Online wine stores are constantly searching for new ways to encourage customers to have a greater relationship with their products. Social media wine pairing competitions are a great way to increase customer loyalty, sales and improve brand awareness. According to TAMBA, a social media marketing agency based in the U.K., three out of four people are more likely to recommend a brand that offers competitions and giveaways.

Getting started
To host an effective online wine pairing competition, it is important to first decide the end-goal of your campaign. Consider the following:

  • Which metrics will be used to measure success?
  • What platform will the competition be held on?
  • How will participants be rewarded?
  • What information do participants need to provide in order to be eligible?
  • What actions do participants need to take?

A great example of an online wine pairing competition is seen by Alamos Wines. This competition asked participants to "like" the brand's Facebook page and then submit a photo of their most daring food and wine pairings using the Alamos Malbec. By entering the contest, participants were given a chance to win a trip to New York for a dining experience with American actor and television personality, Adam Richman. While this prize is quite elaborate, wineries can create a local execution using a featured varietal that would be interesting to customers and potential customers. 

Benefits beyond the competition
The benefits of a social media contest go far beyond the contest itself. By hosting an online wine pairing contest, wineries have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their social media following
  • Capture valuable customer data
  • Encourage shoppers to opt-in to receive marketing material
  • Gather valuable customer insights by including a survey as part of the competition
  • Earn brand loyalty among wine drinkers by featuring their best varietals

Details to be prepared for
Social media competitions are not without their challenges, and wineries will need to be prepared to manage the details. Wineries should tackle the following challenges:

  • Hosting a competition may lead to heavier fulfillment demands
  • Facebook contests, specifically, require brands to create a contest widget if they plan to host a promotion on their brand page
  • Contest rules will need to be clear and explicit
  • Heavier demands will be placed on community managers for the duration of the contest
  • Online wine stores are prohibited from giving away wine for free, so wineries will need to determine contest prizes that are unique and valuable

Aside from fostering a greater connection to your wines, social media contests have a positive influence on consumers. 

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