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Getting Green Marketing Right for Your Winery

Marketing Of Environmentally Friendly Practices Are Becoming Common Among Wineries Around The World Marketing Of Environmentally Friendly Practices Are Becoming Common Among Wineries Around The World

Being green can be somewhat difficult to marketing_of_environmentally_friendly_practices_are_becoming_common_among_wineries_around_the_world.jpgestablish when considering wine marketing. There are a lot of different ways of going green in the winemaking business, from biodynamic farming to sustainable land use to simply using organic grapes. Some customers will appreciate these choices, while others will be wondering why you haven't done enough for the environment. Sometimes, the message and promotion matter. A certain few wineries, however, have done their part in assuring that their protection and promotion of the planet stands next to their commitment to making quality wines. These wineries know how to sell green as much as they can be green.

The things wineries do to become greener
Often, a very basic way of conducting green marketing is to show more than a basic appreciation of the environment on Earth Day. Parducci Wine Cellars is a representative of that practice. Having conducted sustainable land practices since the 1930s, long before that was a buzzword for environmentalists, the winery in Ukiah, California hosted an Earth Day event in 2013, according to the Green Wine Guide. It opened its organic gardens to the public and provided tours. More recently, the winemaker has been promoting aggressively through its blog, describing how it has managed to successfully conserve water for use in growing grapes, enough that they claim to be able to solve California's current water shortage through this method.

Others use their website as a means to market their eco-friendly wine. Consider Benziger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, California. The front page of the winery website clearly states the family's commitment to biodynamic farming and organic grapes. They offer separate sections on the site where they discuss what being green as a winemaker means, along with their certifications in sustainable, organic and biodynamic faming. They emphasize throughout the website the motivations of becoming environmentally friendly as a winemaker. These methods have given them a reputation of being a protector of the planet.

Finally, there other methods outside of farming and winemaking that can be considered environmentally viable. Backsberg Estate Cellars in South Africa demonstrates this in a unique way. While promoting its environmentally friendly ideals, it claims to be the first certified carbon neutral winery in that country. It also claims to be one of only three in the world to obtain this goal. Being carbon neutral is no mean feat in winemaking: The fermentation process emits a small yet still significant amount of carbon dioxide. By explaining how it manages to remain carbon neutral in its content, the marketing efforts Backsberg does helps it stand out among other South African wines.

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