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Enhance the post-purchase experience and build customer loyalty

May 09, 2015   |   Joanne Grantz Recommended for:   Marketing
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Your customers don't just purchases from your online wine store and disappear. They're still around, considering making another purchase from your winery. Customers will not be inclined to return to your website if their post-purchase experience is less than satisfactory. You may provide them with a fantastic online shopping experience and streamlined transaction process, but if you're forgetting the follow up, you could be missing out on more sales in the long run.

From the warehouse to a customer's front door
The post-purchase experience begins right after a customer has clicked the "submit order" button.  The wine shipping process must be seamless to ensure customer satisfaction. Orders should be received in a timely fashion - a report on online shopping habits from UPS reveals the majority of consumers are willing to wait a maximum of six to seven days for a purchase to arrive. What's more, 34% say their satisfaction with the transaction depends on whether the item was delivered in a timely manner

It’s easy for customers to track their orders online - make these instructions extremely visible in your confirmation email after a shopper has submitted their purchase. The UPS report shows that 28% of American online shoppers track delivery of a purchase on their smartphone or tablet at least once a week.

Follow up with personalized emails
After a customer has made a purchase, why not show your appreciation by sending them an email with recommendations for other wines they may enjoy or a special deal? A study from MyBuys indicated that nearly half of shoppers say they spend more with retailers that send them personalized emails - that's huge if you want to increase your online wine sales. In fact, 60% of online shoppers said they were comfortable having their behaviors and past purchased used by retailers so they could deliver more relevant coupons and offers through the year. 

"Consumers want consistent personalization everywhere they shop and on every device they use," said Rita Brogley, president and CEO of MyBuys. "By incorporating more tailored content and offers into their marketing strategies, retailers can improve brand loyalty, boost conversion and increase sales."

Make returns a snap
No merchant wants customer returns to be common, but making them relatively simple is a critical part of enhancing a customer's loyalty in the post-purchase process.

The UPS study revealed that among individuals who had made purchases online, 58% thought a hassle-free return policy enhanced the return experience, while 52% wanted a prepaid return label included in the box, in the event they needed to send something back. Another 48% said a key element was getting an automatic refund once their items were received by the retailer.

Give a little something extra
Who doesn't love a free gift? Almost 20% of respondents to the UPS study said whether or not the seller included a free gift in their box enhanced their post-purchase satisfaction. Adding in a small something extra is an easy way to delight customers - and encourage them to buy again.

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