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Creating the perfect online wine descriptions

Mar 28, 2016   |   Laura Lockwood Recommended for:   Marketing
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Buying wine directly from a tasting room has its advantages. Visitors are able to come in, sample what they want and interact directly with friendly and helpful salespeople. They lose this experience when they buy wine online. The trick is to recreate that atmosphere on your website and, more importantly, your product descriptions. Here are six tips for writing amazing wine descriptions that sell:

1. Use language they know
Your consumers may not have the level of technical knowledge you possess. Still, enthusiasts know enough terminology to make their way around a winery. As Practical Ecommerce wrote, the right language is all about striking a delicate balance between using enough vocabulary to be credible, while avoiding the use of too much jargon.

2. Keep your descriptions interesting
If you're adamant about showing online shoppers every measurement of the wine making process, there's a way to do so without appearing like a machine. There are people on the other side of the computer, so each product description should read like it's talking directly to a person. Good copy uses short sentences and paragraphs, asks the viewer questions, emphasizes important words and occasionally makes a joke, Kissmetrics noted.

3. Provide social proof
Of course the wine you sell is amazing, but someone new to your site has no reason to believe that. In fact, the modern consumer is more suspicious of advertising than ever before. Instead, they turn to their friends, families and social trends to see what to buy and what to avoid.

This means one of the best ways to promote your product is by providing social proof. For an online wine store, this proof comes in the form of customer reviews and testimonials. You can have a collection of reviews on each product page, or you can pick and choose from comments you've received and highlight them in a testimonials section.

4. Focus on the consumer
Describing the wine itself is important, but what sells it is defining how it benefits online shoppers. It's important to focus on the ways in which wine improves upon a certain experience - it has a great taste, pairs well with certain foods or is good for sharing at a dinner party.

5. Make the text easy to read
The easier it is for viewers to quickly scan and understand your text, the better. This means using a readable font with plenty of white space against a contrasting background. Wine sellers should use headings and subheadings to divide information into related categories and lists to convey details in easily digestible pieces.

6. A/B test your results
If you've used tips one through five, chances are you have a pretty successful product description. Still, nothing's certain without being tested. A/B split testing - where two versions of a product description are rated by separate groups - is the most conclusive way to get the best end result. It helps identify what users enjoy, what annoys them and what leads to sales. There are several apps and organizations that help with split testing, Kissmetrics noted.

Since first-time buyers can't experience your wine for themselves, the written details are all they have. It's your job to encourage online wine sales by writing engaging descriptions that convert browsers into buyers. Making these descriptions consumer-focused, easy to read, backed by social proof and tested will ensure your online wine store thrives.

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