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5 Ways to Prepare Your Winery Websites for the Holidays

Adrienne Stillman
Nov 14, 2016   |   Adrienne Stillman Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce
Outshinery All That Sparkles Holiday Wine Image Outshinery All That Sparkles Holiday Wine Image

Fall is here and OND is upon us. Is your winery website ready for the holiday onslaught? Make sure you’re making the most of this critical time of year for your online wine sales with these five easy-to-implement ideas.

1. Use Seasonal Imagery on Your Website

If you check out any top online clothing, food or home goods site right now, you’ll see images of happy people playing in the snow, seated at an overflowing holiday table or around a cozy fire. What about on your website? Your customers' eating and drinking habits change with the seasons: the way you present your wines should too.

You don’t have to have a big budget for custom photography to achieve this. Photos of your vineyard in the fall or winter taken with your smartphone are a great place to start. Our friends over at Outshinery also offer custom holiday images with a variety of backgrounds. Plus, you can access complimentary images by placing a test order and saying WineDirect referred you. 

2. Make Shipping Cut-Off Dates Extra Clear

Avoid disappointment and missed deliveries by over-communicating your holiday shipping cut off dates. Key dates should be shared via email with your customers as well as prominently displayed on your wine shop page, on individual wine product pages and on order confirmation pages. Ask a friend or colleague not familiar with your website to go through the buying process to make sure the dates are clear to a new visitor.

3. Promote Your Holiday Gift Packs

If people don’t know about your special holiday gift packs, they won’t buy them. Make sure you feature special offerings on your homepage and on the shop page. This is a great place to use seasonal imagery and custom photos that show exactly what each gift pack contains. Don’t forget to promote your gifts via email. Remember: the best emails have a single focus, so instead of one email with everything in it, try sending a separate email for each gift pack you offer. Sending a steady stream of holiday emails is also a great way to keep your winery top of mind with your customers during the hectic season.

4. Create Holiday Blog or Newsletter Content

In addition to seasonal imagery, it’s important to use seasonal words, too. This could come in a range of forms, like a blog post sharing a favorite family recipe or tradition, a harvest update letting people know what’s going on in the cellar, or suggested wine pairings with seasonal dishes. OneHope's recipe series is a great example:


5. Shop Your Site!

We can’t say this enough: make sure you shop your own site at least once per quarter. Shop it on your desktop, shop it on mobile, shop it on a tablet. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, give yourself a few different goals to accomplish and see how easy it is to navigate your site to achieve them. In addition to usability issues, you’ll be surprised at the broken links, broken images and out of date content you find. Especially if you are the one managing your website, try to get someone else who isn’t as familiar with the site to shop it occasionally too.

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Get your website ready for the holidays with our free eBook:

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