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5 ways to effectively build your email list

Jan 26, 2015   |   Joanne Grantz Recommended for:   Marketing
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For wineries that sell direct-to-consumer, email marketing is the primary means of communication and is the most effective digital marketing tool.  Email promotions yield major dividends, with a return on investment of more than 4,300 percent when emails are opened, according to the Email Marketing Association as reported by Copyblogger.  The response rate increases as the size of the contact list increases.   Here are a few ideas to help overcome the challenge of increasing your contact list. 

  1. Create intriguing content
    It goes without saying that the most important element in any email is the content of the message. This can be new information, a special offer or even a snippet from your latest blog post.  Content should be intriguing so that it is shared, according to Hubspot. Not only will readers be more inclined to click through to purchase, but they will stay subscribed to your newsletter or weekly blasts.
  2. Use social media
    Social media and email feed off each other's strengths to bolster their own positions. Integrating social media into email is a great way to boost your mailing list.  In different media outlets, promote your newsletter and offer a link to sign up. Marketing firm Vertical Response suggests enticing potential subscribers by offering minor incentives, such as getting early access to a presale of a new wine.
  3. Confirmation emails
    This may seem obvious, but the confirmation emails you send to customers that have purchased your wine may be a good point of entry for many people to join your newsletter or other promotions if they haven't done so already. While regular customers will have no need for this, you may find that new customers, especially those that purchased as a guest, will be more interested in these messages.
  4. Take a survey
    People like to give feedback and share their opinions.  A fun survey will get consumers engaged with your brand. This type of communication presents opportunities for you to expand your email list rapidly. Collect an email address at minimum for participation.
  5. Use a video
    Video marketing is always a useful tool in getting people to visit your wine store. There are also clever ways to make video part of your strategy to build an email list. For example, you can use the link annotations feature on YouTube to direct viewers either to your channel page with a link to sign up for the newsletter.

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