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5 upselling opportunities for wineries

Sheri Hebbeln
Oct 19, 2015   |   Sheri Hebbeln Recommended for:   Marketing
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Wineries face the unique challenge of upselling their products online when they don't have the advantages of a tasting room. In person, associates can give customers samples or engage in casual conversation that leads to increased purchases, but an online wine store is less personal. Still, there are many opportunities to upsell to online shoppers that can greatly increase revenue for wineries. In fact, Forrester research analyst Sucharita Mulpuro said product recommendations on e-commerce sites are responsible for an average of 10 to 30 percent of online revenues. Here are five ways to upsell to customers online:

1. Product pages
Product pages are an ideal location to cross-sell wines to shoppers. For example, Amazon displays additional products that are frequently purchased together based on shoppers' patterns. While browsing online for wine is very different from shopping on Amazon, wineries can still cross-sell on product pages. Consider using product pages as an opportunity to recommend similar flavor profiles and varietals based on customer searches.

2. Shopping cart
Shopping carts are an excellent opportunity to cross-sell or upsell because wineries can make recommendations based on every wine the customer has saved. This is also a great way to drive impulse purchases, since customers are only seconds away from checking out.

3. Checkout
Wineries can also leverage the checkout screen to upsell to customers. Before shoppers input their payment information, wineries can display discounts, illustrate total prices with added items and recommend additional varietals at reduced prices in order to increase the transaction total. One way to encourage shoppers to add additional items is to focus on the exclusivity of the deal, which will make them more likely to make the purchase with urgency. However, as Econsultancy pointed out, some companies have been criticized for spoiling the checkout process with too many upsells and cross-sells. In order to be effective, it is crucial to strike a balance.

4. Product videos
Product videos are very important to the online shopping experience, especially when it comes to wine. Wineries can preemptively build-in product recommendations into videos by suggesting products based on the varietal and flavor profile shoppers are researching.

5. Transaction emails
Finally, wineries should always take the opportunity to upsell to customers in transactional emails. Once a purchase is made, wineries can send an email that says something along the lines of "It's not too late to try our brand new varietal before it runs out," encouraging them to add additional items to their order.

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