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5 Examples of Great Spring Winery Email Marketing

Kari Scott
Mar 26, 2021   |   Kari Scott Recommended for:   Marketing, Ecommerce
Mac Rostie Header Email Marketing Mac Rostie Header Email Marketing

Looking for some Spring email marketing inspiration? Here are five examples of what WineDirect client wineries are doing to promote their wines during the start of the season.

Liven Up Your Emails with Animation

Bring your emails to life with animation and video. Gifs, like the one used by Frias Family Vineyard, immediately caught my attention and brought a smile to my face. Emails with animation and video can see double the viewing time and an increase in clicks by 25%, as reported by our friends at Tank Garage Winery.

Make Purchasing Easy with One Click Offers

As expectations rise for great online experiences, making it easy to buy wine from your website is key. With clear buy buttons, MacRostie Winery used WineDirect's One Click Offer feature to package up their curated Easter Wine Box with a neat little bow to share with their customers for easy shopping. The 'Easter Shipping Deadline' in this email creates a sense of urgency.

Let Your Fans Know What You're Up To

When it comes to email marketing, don't always (or only ever) ask for the sale. Your fans care about what you are up to! Sometimes a quick update is all you need, like we see from Frind Estate Winery. From a quick look at this paragraph, readers are informed of what's going on at the winery, and feel a sense of excitement of what's to come!

Use Unique Imagery

Images of serene vineyards and beloved tasting rooms in the inbox are great for a moment of daydream, but sometimes a splash of unique imagery is what really grabs the reader's eye. Staged on a bold background, this image from W├Âlffer Estate tickles the senses with juicy citrus fruit and fresh cut flowers.

Measure Your Success with Promo Codes

Everybody loves a good deal. Sharing promotions with your email list is a great way to foster that relationship, as we see here with Regusci Winery. In addition to the influx of sales you will receive, use this opportunity to also collect data from this campaign. Unique Promotion Codes make it easy to track the source of sales. This data will help you identify places to improve, and continue prioritizing your email subscribers.

Have you received an email lately that stood out? We'd love to see it - send it our way!

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