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4 tips to grow your winery's email list

Sheri Hebbeln
Jan 05, 2016   |   Sheri Hebbeln Recommended for:   Marketing
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Email remains an important communication tool for businesses of all sizes. In fact, research conducted by StrongView found email remained the top target for increased investment by marketers in 2015 at 61 percent. 

Of course, email can't be an effective medium for your winery if you do not work constantly togrow your list of contacts. Here are four helpful tips to expand your winery's email list:

1. Optimize opt-in features
Opt-in features are those that encourage customers to supply their email contact information on their own. For example, your online wine store could feature a section to sign up and become a member or subscribe to your monthly newsletter. Each of these features convince customers to share their information in exchange for something valuable. ClickZ recommends a handful of ways to optimize these aspects of your site to drive more conversions:

  • Include sign-up fields in calls to action.
  • Embed larger sign-up forms on webpages.
  • Place the email sign-up CTA above the fold.
  • Keep your dedicated sign-up page focused.

2. Promote valuable offers
Another way to gather customer data and expand your email list is to promote valuable offers in exchange for this information. Both online and in the tasting room, you can offer incentives like reduced shipping, promotions on wine club memberships, discounted products and even free rewards such as a customized wine opener to shoppers who share their email information.

3. Create loyalty programs
The benefits of loyalty programs are expansive. Not only do they keep customers coming back, they help wineries gather valuable customer data. By creating a cost-free rewards program and focusing on the benefits of participation, you can encourage your customers to sign up and share their contact information.

4. Leverage the tasting room
Finally, the tasting room is a valuable place to make a deeper connection with customers and grow your email list. Real-life interactions give you the opportunity to discuss the benefits of staying in touch while guests are enjoying themselves and choosing the wines they love. Further, if your winery has a cloud-based point of sale system, you can easily gather this data during checkout and even enroll guests in wine clubs or loyalty programs.

As email maintains its importance in ecommerce, wineries must work to ensure their email lists are as expansive as possible.

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