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3 Ways Social Media Data Can Improve your Winery’s Marketing

Aug 01, 2016   |   Sarah Barwin Recommended for:   Marketing
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The more context you have surrounding your customers, the easier it is for you to provide them with a superior customer experience. Social media data is one slice of context that can help you engage customers by enhancing insight into their behaviors, especially when combined with the commerce data in the Vin65 CRM.

At WineDirect, we strongly believe in the powerful combination of social and commerce, and are excited to announce that a new social dashboard is available in your Admin Panel as of this morning. For the past month, our team has been hard at work building these new features to replace our previous integration with VinTank/TMRW Engine, who wound down operations on July 31. 

The new dashboard serves up your customers’ social media information to help you more efficiently engage them on social media. The dashboard includes customers with the highest potential social influence, a keyword based social feed, and a network stats board which shows which social platforms wineries should be focusing their marketing efforts on.

Here are the top 3 ways you can leverage these tools to improve your winery’s marketing:

1. Give shout outs to your top customers

Using social and commerce data to calculate last order date, LTV, and number of followers, the dashboard populates your top 3 social influencers so you can quickly see which of your customers would be great to target for a shout out. Maybe you want to thank them on Twitter for buying that last case, or offer them some free swag with a tag on Instagram. Reaching out personally to customers with a lot of social influence improves the likelihood that they’ll reply, share, and engage in a conversation that positively promotes your brand in the social mediasphere.

2. Go where your customers are

No one likes to waste money. It can be hard enough to calculate ROI on advertising spend so we’ve tried to make it easier by showing you the social media platforms that are most popular among your highest LTV customers. If you have 400 customers with a LTV of $16,000 on Facebook but only 300 customers with a LTV of $10,000 on Twitter, it’s going to make more sense to sponsor a post or place an ad on Facebook to reach your best paying customers.

3. Stay on top of chatter in your market

Keeping track of what is being said about your brand online is important so you can thank people for positive comments, and nip complaints in the bud. With the social keyword feed you can search for any combination of handles, hashtags and keywords. Posts with those words from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are served up so you can have one place to glance at what’s happening around you. 

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to expand our social media functionality to bring you additional value and insights. Have a specific social media request? Please let us know what tools would be most useful to you!

Questions about the dashboard? Check out our FAQs > 

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