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3 Visual Ways to Tap Into the Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2016   |   Laurie Millotte Recommended for:   Marketing
Outshinery Thanksgiving Bonny Doon Ig Outshinery Thanksgiving Bonny Doon Ig

I hear you: keeping up with all the seasonal offers is no small task! With two weeks to go before Christmas, grabbing the attention of your current and potential clientele is crucial. It’s worth taking the steps to make it right!

Using standard bottle shots or snapping a photo on your phone might not help you stand out from the crowd. This holiday season is when many businesses fire up their social media to grab attention and push direct sales. You want your images to stand out on the screen just as your bottles would in a store. But having sharp and engaging pictures is easier said than done… and not every winery has a professional photographer on staff! Let’s discuss what you can do today to encourage people to buy your product.

1. Set a Scene

You can display your wine in a decor that makes your product relatable. It helps people picture it at home or with dinner. You want an image that makes people feel like they stepped into their own kitchen surrounded by cooking ustensils and fresh herbs. They can then picture themselves enjoying your wine for that occasion. For more inspiration, we recommend having a look here.

- Bonny Doon’s Instagram post

Bonny Doon kicked off the season showcasing their iconic "2012 Le Cigare Volant". Using a stunning tableau created by Outshinery, the marketing team was able to engage with their customers across all social platforms. It was such a success that you may expect to see more beautiful Bonny Doon bottles in stylish decors comes Mother's Day, Independence Day and even next Thanksgiving! 

2. Make it Festive

“When the weather outside is frightful, but the wine is delightful.” There is no denying the buzz and heightened sales around the holiday season. Your clientele is getting into the holiday mood so why not add some cheer to your brand? Switching from your standard bottle shot, a festive image makes you stand out from the crowd. It also sheds a positive light on your company: showing some real holiday spirit (because we all know that behind every social media account is a real person, right?)

- Aberrant Cellar’s Pinot Noir Blanc

Aberrant Cellars was founded on the thought of “Pursuing the profound”. They paired their Pinot Noir Blanc with freshly baked shortbread, pine branches and spices for a rustic and homey feel. Just looking at the image I can smell “Christmas”, can’t you? Not only that, I’m also one step closer to click “purchase”.

3. Let Your Wine Shine!

When an image speaks for a thousand words you want to make sure it’s not missed on an Instagram feed or a Facebook post! Show all the details that make you “you”. It can be your precious gold logo, you custom glass embossing or your highly textured paper. All these unique features catch the eye of potential shoppers. Remember: your product images are here when you or your physical products can’t!

- Hard Row to Hoe’s Land Ho! wine

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards promote their wines as “gifts of the season”, tapping into their customer’s prime gift-giving mood. This strategy included festive styled images that showed off the unique packaging of their highly giftable Port.

It is worth noting that all the images used in the examples above were created by Outshinery: a one-stop-shop of visual assets for wine people who mean business. Add a little “ho” to your marketing this season using ready-styled Holiday images. This curated collection was made for wineries just like yours: choose your decor, decide which of your bottles you want inside and receive the final composed scene within days. Get stunning results without shipping any physical samples and for a fraction of the cost a photo studio would cost you! Feeling inspired? Why not explore the possibilities for yourself?

Happy holidays!
Laurie M.

Guest post by Laurie Millotte, Founder & Game Changer at Outshinery

But wait, why stop at Christmas you say!?

You're right! We also have some exciting new styled images on their way: food pairings! Have the perfect Pinot Noir to go with lamb for Easter? We've the perfect image to go with it. Delicious Sauvignon Blanc to sip with oysters? We have that too. Fruity rosé that works wonder with Indian food? Not a problem. Be the first to know when these exciting new images are available: sign up to Outshinery newsletter.

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