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2016 DTC Wine Symposium Presentations recap

Jan 13, 2016   |   Joanne Grantz Recommended for:   Marketing
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Just about this time last year, we wrote about our presentations that were made at the 2015 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium.  We were back again this year, with Jim Agger and Andrew Kamphuis speaking about the success of the top 20% of wineries in DTC and what we can expect for the future.  Here is a brief overview of their presentations:

Jim revisited the top 20%, taking a deeper look at the wineries that joined this elite group in 2015.  89% of winery ecommerce business is done by just 20% of wineries.  Digging into the Vin65 data, Jim discovered that 46 wineries on the Vin65 platform busted into the top 20% by doubling their ecommerce sales.  How do they do it?  What makes them so special?

What puts a winery in the top 20%?

  • They have larger email lists
  • The AOV is significantly more
  • They charge less for shipping


Andrew took a look at DTC and the next 5 years. Wine being sold online falls way behind other categories, but it will make headway in the coming years.  Although predictions are hard to make, Andrew describes the following as changes wineries should pay attention to now.

  • Clubs are changing.  Make sign up easy, offer choices and upgrades, and make marketing fun.
  • Focus on foriegn markets, but start small. 
  • Mobile will overtake desktop.  Make the shopping experience seemless. You must have a responsive site. 
  • Provide fast shipping with user choices. 

To view these presentations in their entirety, be sure to check our DTC Presentations page.  We've posted our 2015 presentations there as well. 

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