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Get More Revenue From Your Wine Club This Year

By  WineDirect Team
January 22, 2017

Where do wine clubs belong in today’s highly personalized online economy, where almost every imaginable thing can be purchased in a matter of minutes? Contrary to what some people may think, wine clubs are stronger than ever.

According to the 2016 Wine Business Monthly/Silicon Valley Bank (WBM/SVB) Wine Tasting Room Survey Report, wine clubs across the United States continue to thrive, growing at an average net rate of 16 percent in 2015. Plus, average conversion rates of visitors into club members have increased considerably over the last three years as well. According to the same report, these conversion rates, which averaged only 2 percent in 2013, reached 4 percent in 2014 and 6 percent in 2015, effectively tripling in a two-year span.

Converting new members is a top priority for many wineries, but to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to look for innovative ways to keep your existing members happy and engaged. Simply offering discounts and complimentary tastings are no longer enough. Our new eBook shares five innovative ways you can increase sign ups, improve retention and get more revenue from your wine club.

The Fundamentals of Wine Club Management

Build a better wine club. Download our free eBook:

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