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Case Study: How Gloria Ferrer Increased Wine Club Sign-Ups and Reduced Attrition

By  WineDirect Team
September 1, 2020

About Gloria Ferrer

The first sparkling winery in Carneros, Gloria Ferrer uses the méthode traditionnelle, is committed to sustainability and provides exceptional handpicked wines to loyal customers across the country.

To carry out its custom wine club options successfully, Gloria Ferrer needed flexible, comprehensive wine club management tools. With WineDirect’s wine club software and fulfillment services, Gloria Ferrer was able to put in place the right strategy, planning and software in place to master this initiative.

Challenge & Solution

Without the right tools, custom wine clubs can pose a major challenge for inventory, production and logistics. Gloria Ferrer felt that its custom wine club could quickly have turned into an administrative nightmare due to personalized instructions, individual orders and manual work. With over 9,000 wine club members, the winery needed support for seamless operations.

Gloria Ferrer leaned on WineDirect's software for back-end logistical setup, customer-facing screens for easy wine selection, and easy batch processing (which replaced single order processing). In addition, the winery took advantage of WineDirect’s fulfillment services, which allowed for increased accuracy and reduced shipping times, as well as personalization options with order-level customization and branded box toppers.


With comprehensive wine club management tools and fulfillment support in place, the winery was able to personalize orders, upgrade services, and conduct simple batch processing. With tools on the back-end, Gloria Ferrer is able to efficiently process requests, avoid tedious spreadsheets and improve the staff's experience.

Meredith Hayes, Direct Sales Manager at Gloria Ferrer, emphasized just how much implementation of WineDirect's user choice tools improved the winery's internal processes. "We all have those customers who want certain wines every club shipment even though they are not in a customizable club," she said. "By implementing user choice for all tiers on the backend we were able to easily update specific wine requests and process all at once. It really helped us streamline and process club quicker."


Gloria Ferrer was able to not only increase wine club member numbers, but bring more customers into its top tier club. The member retention rate for the custom club is also vastly impressive, consistently around 80%. The winery believes that customization tools are what enables a customer experience that keeps people in the club.

By switching to custom clubs using WineDirect, Gloria Ferrer was able to achieve the following results:

  • Increase wine club sign up rates by 20%
  • Lower attrition for custom club vs regular club (20% vs 30%)
  • An impressive 41 month tenure rate for the custom club, compared to the 31 month industry average

As the custom wine club continues to scale, Gloria Ferrer is able to use WineDirect for managing every facet of its offerings, from sign-up to club processing to email alerts. In addition, WineDirect’s fulfillment services continue to enhance the operational efficiency of the winery, making the management side easier to scale and continue being successful.


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