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August 30, 2012 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Genevieve Verdier

You Work in Wine….What Do You Recommend?

It never fails, I am out to dinner with family or friends and the wine menu find its way to me…“You work in wine, what do you recommend?”  A friend emails wanting a suggestion for a special bottle to send as a gift.  What do you do? 

It comes down to personal taste, brand experience and loyalty. There are an overwhelming number of options for an excellent bottle of wine.  A good customer experience and a feeling of personal touch go a long way to make a brand memorable.  I recently had just such an experience with Lamborn Family Vineyards.

I was asked by friend for a gift recommendation to send as a thank you for recently hosting their family.  A number of wineries came to mind.  Lamborn jumped to the top.  A visit to their website, a perusal of the current wines available and it was time for me to become a member.  I filled out the online form and within hours I had received a personal reply from Mike Lamborn welcoming me aboard.   Personal touch.

One of the lures of wine is the lifestyle associated with it: elegance, relaxation and enjoyment...just to name a few.  Your interactions with your consumers can extend that experience beyond the glass.

  • If you ask for consumer information, acknowledge it so that they can feel connected to your brand.  It may be hard to personally respond to every email but there are creative ways to write a response that can soften the feeling of receiving a form letter.
  • Pay attention to your consumers purchasing patterns and tailor promotions to maximize your return and their desire for your wines.  If you are a Vin65 customer, their List Builder tool allows you to create dynamic segments of your list based on profile and address information, product preferences, order history, wine clubs, or other criteria.
  • Plan early for the holidays, especially October thru December.  Prepare gift offerings and suggestions at a variety of price ranges.  Remember to make them easy to find on your website.
  • Tell your story.  Nothing connects better than humanizing a product.  Post pictures of the winery, the process, the people, even the vineyard dog.  Be creative.  Involve your consumers.

Connect with your consumers and they will in turn connect with you not only for themselves but by inviting others to enjoy your wines as well.  While not everyone may agree with my personal taste in wine, I can think of no one that does not like receiving a gift of wine and being part of the experience.


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