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June 10, 2014 | Compliance | Matthew Mann

WineDirect Compliance – A Better Way

Let’s not kid ourselves, for most wineries compliance is an afterthought.  It’s certainly not why you got into the wine business.  Still, having a winery license creates obligations to go along with your license privileges.  Compliance is simply the process of following the rules that come with those obligations.  It’s the grease that keeps the wheels of your sales efforts spinning; connected to everything you do in a highly regulated industry.  Despite this, compliance is often treated as separate…and inefficient.

We created WineDirect Compliance, our direct-to-consumer compliance software service, as a reflection of the connectedness of compliance to all that you do.  WineDirect Compliance is simple, easy, and designed to support your commerce and fulfillment activities.  It is not a separate, disconnected platform.  It is not an order management system.  Rather, it is a part of the WineDirect solution, connecting the Vin65 Commerce and WineDirect Fulfillment software systems, allowing you to manage your customers and their order activity in the software platform where order management belongs.

Connectivity creates a seamless order processing system, with each platform performing its designated tasks, eliminating multiple-entry of customer, product and order data to create efficiencies by reducing data entry redundancy.  The WineDirect solution does this all while WineDirect Compliance accurately –

  • Checks order compliance status in “real-time” at checkout to assure they conform to the direct shipping rules of each state before you ship,
  • Monitors order status through the fulfillment process, and
  • Prepares the tax and shipment reports you need to keep your business in good standing with every direct shipment state with just the click of a button.

WineDirect Compliance is the better way to stay compliant.  Easy.  Efficient.  Accurate.  Connecting the WineDirect solution to allow you to do what you do best – SELL MORE WINE!

To start your free trial today, click HERE.


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