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May 13, 2014 | eCommerce , Site Design and Management | Sheri Hebbeln

What website design trends should you watch for in 2014?

Providing a high-quality website experience is essential for gaining more online wine sales. However, staying up to date on the latest features that boost ecommerce conversion can be tricky for wineries. Between mobile, site navigation and shipping options, retailers have their work cut out for them. Your site features could be preventing shoppers from buying wine online. While you don't need to have the most tricked-out website, user-friendliness plays a significant role.

Factors that detract from the shopping experience
You may see decreasing sales, even when website traffic is relatively high, according to a blog from the Huffington Post. Here are some common website issues to eliminate:

  • Poor user experience: This can be related to a number of different issues. If your website navigation is hard to use, people will leave the site. For ecommerce pages, forced registration or an overly long checkout process are often detrimental to conversion rates. Too much advertising while customers are trying to shop can be distracting as well.
  • Website security: This is quickly becoming a non-negotiable when it comes to online shopping. Customers are becoming increasingly more protective of their personal information after a rise in data breaches. Displaying security certifications on your website can help instill consumer trust and prevent abandoned purchases.
  • Lack of shipping options: This one is a big deal, especially when shipping fees turn out to be more than customers were expecting. You need to give customers more than one choice for wine shipping. For example, some customers may want to pay a little more to receive packages sooner, but others won't want to incur the extra expense. Just because you offer competitive shipping rates doesn't mean you're exempt from shipping-related shopping cart abandonment. You need to be able to deliver wine to customers as quickly as possible.

Web design trends to watch
With user experience playing a significant role in your ability to secure more direct-to-consumer sales, it's important to have a highly functional website. Mobile commerce once seemed far away, but now more people are shopping from their smartphones and tablets, Small Business Computing stated. Mobile devices can better enable impulse purchases. However, retailers can't ignore this trend because a larger amount of website traffic is expected to come from smartphones in 2014. If winery websites don't perform well from a mobile device, customers will quickly abandon the page. 

Because of the proliferation of mobile devices, there are a couple ways wineries can update their websites to provide a better experience, no matter what type of device customers use. Responsive Web design can help you serve customers who access your site from a variety of devices because the layout adapts to suit the smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, PromotionWorld said. Some brands operate a separate mobile site, but this can cause a time-consuming redirect, which Google may punish. 

Flat design is another way to accommodate mobile users, according to the article. This style of Web design has fewer decorative flourishes, which improve the overall load time. Flat design is suited to ecommerce because it allows you to place all the focus on your products rather than the extra features of your website. Larger navigation buttons can improve user experience as well. It's hard to click smaller links from a smartphone, and customers may be frustrated if they have to zoom in to tap the navigation feature. More prominent website navigation can boost the functionality for desktop users as well. 

Having a more accessible, functional website can help you sell wine online. Ecommerce is becoming a more significant online activity, and wineries need to account for this. 


Subhasish Sen's Gravatar
Subhasish Sen
@ Jun 25, 2014 at 9:53 PM
I would like Responsive design. Flat designs are also good.

scott's Gravatar
@ Aug 6, 2014 at 6:09 AM
website design is increasingly changing and its not getting complicated but it goes toward being more simple and cleaner in coding and style. Designers are becoming more meticulous, Everything is moving to make visitors life easier and browsing experience faster.

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