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July 30, 2015 | General | Lona Rudd

What’s cooking? Cooking classes tap into people’s relationship with wine

Whether being paired with certain foods or used as a key ingredient, wine is an important element in the cooking and dining. Wineries can tap into people's relationships with wine by partnering with cooking classes to bring a broader wine knowledge and experience to students.

Cakebread Cellars offers an example of a cooking class that is complemented with wine tastings and pairings. Attendees cook a meal, eat the meal and taste the food with various wines. Cakebread Cellars is fostering repeat business and helping create more avid wine drinkers. By partnering with cooking classes, your winery has an opportunity to market your different varietals and create memorable, relevant experiences that ultimately increase online wine sales.

Offer real value
It is important that your winery offer real value to both the cooking class and its students. In order to offer value, make sure to understand what types of cooking schools you are reaching out to. For example, Williams-Sonoma offers cooking classes that may appeal to a higher income bracket, while The Chopping Block offers a variety of cooking classes for young adults. You will want to make sure you market your wines to appropriate classes. 

"By partnering with cooking classes, your winery has an opportunity to increase online sales."

Another way to offer value to cooking classes is by offering discounted shipping and reduced prices for wines. By lowering costs, cooking classes are more likely to purchase from your winery. Additionally, students are more likely to become regular customers of your winery if you offer them discounts and benefits for purchasing the wines they tasted in class.

Create operational efficiencies
If you choose to have your winery partner with a cooking class, it is important to create operational efficiencies. A long-term partnership is more likely if cooking classes are able to easily restock supply and receive their product in a timely fashion through enterprise partnerships.

Cooking classes will need assurance their wine will arrive in a timely manner. Wineries can ensure this process is as simple as possible by partnering with an innovative fulfillment partner, especially during the summer months or during extreme weather conditions when wine is more difficult to ship.

WineDirect can help make partnering with cooking classes a real possibility with our fulfillment services, including three fulfillment facilities and our bicoastal delivery network, which gives you one- to two-day access to 90 percent of U.S. wine consumers.


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