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March 18, 2015 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce , Marketing | Karin Ballestrazze

What motivates online shoppers to make decisions?

When the goal is to increase your online wine sales, you need to know your target audience to be successful. Failing to understand your market means you're losing out on sales to competitors.  That said, the question remains: What motivates consumers to make e-commerce purchases? And, perhaps more importantly, how can they be enticed to spend more?

When selling wine online, wineries must provide both convenience and flexibility or chances are, you aren't shipping wine to as many consumers as you could be. A recent study by UPS revealed what convenience aspects matter most to individuals making purchases online. 72% were satisfied with how retailers displayed the anticipated delivery date, and 62% were happy with their ability to see the inventory of the products they'd chosen.

On the flip side, 43% of respondents were dissatisfied with a retailer's ability to save their customer information in a profile to expedite the checkout process and 47% said accessing customer service while checking out could definitely be improved.

Convenience doesn't just apply to how simple the checkout process is - it also matters when a shopper is reviewing shipping options to finalize the purchase. Nine in 10 American consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart. That's a huge number - why so many?  57% said they wanted to determine the total cost of the purchase with the shipping charges to compare, while 55% cited that they want to see the shipping cost prior to finalizing the transaction. Nearly 60% said they'd left their carts behind because the anticipated shipping charges, combined with their items, made the purchase too expensive. 

Effectively dealing with shipping costs presents a huge challenge for winereis to effectively sell wine online.  We recently published a white paper that discusses ways you can offer shipping incentives.  To read the article, please click here.

Shipping costs aren't the only aspect that's important - the length of time shoppers are expected to wait can also determine whether or not they finalize an order. 31% of Americans would abandon a shopping cart if they did not receive an estimated delivery date; while 36% said the same if they had to wait 11 or more days. One-quarter would halt an order if they found out they had to wait six to 10 days, meaning the sweet spot for delivery in the U.S. seems to be 1-5 days, according to the UPS survey.

Personalization is key
Personalization quietly influences behavior and the decision making process. A recent study from MyBuys revealed that nearly half of shoppers – 48% - spend more money with companies that tailor their user experience. 

More people now expect retailers to personalize their individual experience - almost 40% of respondents said they were frustrated when recommendations based on their purchase and browsing history weren't available on a business's website. These suggestions don't just make customers feel special - they also lead them to spend more. 53% of respondents reported spending more with online stores that showed them other products based on their history and behavior and 48% said they spend more with companies that send them personalized emails.

When you tailor your wine marketing and purchase process with your customers in mind, you'll reap the benefits of increased sales.


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